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Thread: What would you do?

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    Default What would you do?

    Here's an interesting hypothetical that I thought would be very interesting to hear thoughts on:

    If you were a parent and your child came out to you (or you "found them out") as an ABDL or just a DL or anything in between how would you react? What would you do?

    Just from lurking around I know that all of you would be more than supportive of it for sure, but in this case I want more details!

    Would you buy them diapers and start babying them right away? Would you teach them all about where and when its ok to wear or regress and such? Would you just leave them to their diapers and alone time?

    Would your answer change dependent on the age and gender of your child?

    Let the conversation begin!

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    I have a niece who is almost 8 years old. When she was 6 and a half her baby sister was born. At that point she started sucking her thumb. So one day in quick moment with just the 2 of us. I asked her if she wanted a pacifier. She thought about it and said "yes". A few months later after I forgot about it she asked me for a pacifier when we where alone. I said "sure I will get you one" but she didn't want her parents to know. I promised to keep it a secret. I finally got her one and she loves it so much I bought her a second one. I also got her 2 cute pair of shortalls. I love wearing shortalls myself. So, now my niece can go out matching her favorite uncle. 2-3 weeks ago I left my adult sized pacifier in my shortalls bib pocket. While she was sitting on my lap she felt something in my pocket and reach in to check it out. When she pulled it out, I told her that was my pacifier. She then put it in mouth and said "Now me match for sure". Since then we have talked about baby bottles, diapers, and footy pajamas. (sleepers). The problem is this all the stuff I love and have loved since I was her age or younger, but she is the one bring up this in conversation. So of course I see nothing wrong with it and we both enjoy our time together. I feel more relaxed wearing my shortalls, and using my pacifier in public because my niece enjoys it and she has no shame or embarrassment.

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    This question has come up several times on this site, but of course, those threads would be closed as it's been awhile. Obviously, I'd be very understanding and accepting, and secretly I'd wonder if the poor kid inherited it from me. If the child was young, prepubescent, I would probably try to discourage them from whatever it was they were doing for me to discover. My guess would be makeshift diapers or underwear wetting. We'd talk about it and see if they could redirect their desire to something more appropriate. At the same time I would make them understand that they weren't weird and that many people felt this way.

    For a son or daughter that had hit puberty, I would understand the drive and sexual nature of it, and we'd find ways to manage it. My wife and I always gave some sort of monetary allowance to our children in exchange for chores which they did throughout the house. I think I'd make sure that the allowance was large enough to buy diapers if that's how they wanted to spend their money. I'd also discuss cleanliness and how to dispose of the diapers, and also keeping the mattress dry by using a waterproof cover.

    I think we all wish our parents had treated us this way. My mom sent me to a psychiatrist and she did not approve or allow this sort of behavior, which only made me think I was crazy, and it forced me to be even more sneaky. It was no way to live and I'd certainly not put my child through that kind of misery.

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    Well for the first few times I caught them I would probably ignore it, act like I hadn't seen it and just hope they would come to me if they had questions. If I caught them multiple time or found them doing something potentially dangerous then I would step in. I would just tell them that it was ok that everyone has their own thing and it's perfectly natural. I would offer to buy them diapers or rather i would take them to buy diapers I feel like there's something to be learned by buying this sort of stuff for yourself. That would be about all I do for them though. Just make sure they do it safely and know that this kind of stuff is better kept private. It's important not to engage with them the parent child relationship shouldn't go into that. I do think that I should help guide them in this discover just to make sure they do it safely and don't get the wrong ideas from it.

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    I'd just ask them calmly why they're doing it and assure them that as long as they aren't hurting themselves or anybody else there's nothing wrong with doing what makes you comfortable or happy.

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    That's a tough one. As everyone else here, I'd be very supportive and not make a big deal out of it. The part I'm stuck on is whether I'd want to tell them I have the same desires. It would be tempting as it would open up a whole new realm of communication regarding their feelings about this side of them. However I'd have to say I wouldn't tell them because it could potentially make the relationship quite awkward. I still wouldn't hesitate to give them pointers based on everything I've learned over the years, without seeming 'too' knowledgeable.

    I guess my main priority would be to make sure they don't feel ashamed or embarrassed. I'd try my absolute hardest to make sure they know that they could open up to me whenever they wanted too and get nothing but love and understanding. If they ever got comfortable enough that they asked me to buy them diapers, I'd be totally fine with that, but that probably wouldn't come up. I assume they'd still want to keep this part of their life relatively private, but I'd want them to understand that they don't have to. As dogboy said, I'd make sure they understand the importance of hygiene and proper disposal. I'd also tell them that there's a time and a place for this, and that this is still something you'll want to keep to yourself (with the exception of trusted friends) as others might not be so understanding.

    I wouldn't handle it the way my dad did when he found out about me. He tried to be supportive but ended up treating it like I did something wrong and like it was something I should be punished for. He practically accused me of being attracted to small children and banned me from all computers for about a month. He thought I needed time to "outgrow" this phase. That whole experienced messed me up for quite awhile and I'd wouldn't want that for my kid.

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    To be honest, I wouldn't be very happy about it. I would try my best to be supportive, but I definitely wouldn't want to be engaged in any way. For me, diapers are something sexual, and I really don't want to mix my sexuality with raising my kids. And I probably wouldn't tell them about me until they were adults, if I ever decided to tell them. But I agree that it's important to talk about it and make sure that they are safe. And I would try even harder to respect their privacy.

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    I wouldn't explode on my kid about it but explaining what it is exactly to em would be hard and a very tricky conversation. Granted telling your own kids that you also fall into the category isn't easy either. There really is no way to really have it easy with this one.

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    I, for one, do not want to know about my parents sexual things, and my parents don't want to know about mine. They're not going to buy me diapers just like I won't buy them condoms. I definitely would not do anything to help my child should they come out as an AB/DL. You know, other than love and support.

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    If I ever found out my child was an AB/DL I would probably let them do what they want to do as long as they are private about it and they are being safe about it. I would not participate in it with them and I won't buy them anything but I will be supportive about it and I will answer any questions or concerns that they might have.

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