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Thread: History Mystery

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    Question History Mystery

    So I was just wondering, just for the fun of it. If you could know the answer to one mystery in history that you would like to know, what would it be?

    By "mystery in history" I mean anything that historians cannot explain. It can be on a person, place, or thing. If there's something in modern day that we can't explain, like the moving rocks in death valley, that's totally okay too!

    For example, I'd like to find out what Stonehenge was built/ used for. From what I've read, Stonehenge is thought to be a cremation burial site. I also find it amazing that Stonehenge has been standing since about 3000 ~ 2000 BC.

    If you can shed light on anything, feel free to!

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    i would like to know how the ancient egyptians traveled through the sky to construct those pyramids and how they learned an unknown language.

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    Traveled through the sky? Haven't heard of that before.

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    I'm more into natural history tbh! Like.. how the wolf became domesticated and became the dog :O

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    That totally works! I think that's really amazing. I'm really curious how they got so many breeds to look so different from wolves.

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    How they got different forms is pretty well documented, you can find skull morphs, old photos, old video etc.. Most of the selective show breeding happened only in the last 200 years!
    ..but that part 30,000 years ago.. how did they meet? That is the REAL mystery :O They used to think people stole puppies and brought them up, but nowadays the most popular theory is that "wolf tamed itself" ie. they started to hang around humans for scraps and then became more tame until humans started to really go like.. we could use these guys to help us.

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    Those both sound quite possible. That sure is a stump-er.

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    I would love to see a stop action time panorama of evolution, from the first life in the sea to present, especially where man emerges.

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    well, technically speaking, history only covers the writing period. and even that, as we know for ourselves with people taking or being given credit for things which we've done, isn't the whole truth, but a mere version.
    keeping that in mind opens the historical book to reveal pages unread.

    i doubt a great deal of recorded history. since civilization, as we know it, is based on exploitation and war, propaganda is the constant: history as suits the writer.
    i suppose that's why, despite my being what some may call a traditionalist, i like the liberalist 'social history' as it often casts a different light on the official version of history.

    my skepticism isn't confined to human history: i also apply it to science and it's version of what's gone before.
    my current pondering revolves around the age of the earth and the universe, both of which i am happy to hold as being significantly older than science [currently] dictates. the flaws are there to be seen, but science currently ignores them.
    of course, we're in the realm of likelihood, not demonstrability, but it's hardly likely that the universe is even 15bn years old if the average star has a lifespan of 8bn years and it's taken hundreds of generations of 'average' stars to make the matter of which our solar system is made.
    so, i'd like to see the real story played out.
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