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    I've been having a lot of these recently, which is unusual for me. Last night I dreamed I discovered I had a large bag of "new snuggies overnights" in my diaper cabinet. Not the blue colored ones that came out recently. These had the same color scheme as the regular waddlers, (more of a white and pink) with several changes. The diaper was several inches longer, so in the front it landed well above my belly button, there were three tapes per side instead of two, and the padding was extremely thick and stiff. As stiff as the original Dry247's, and at least twice as thick. It wasn't quite as comfortable as they usually are, and was stiff enough that I was having difficulty getting any kind of fold in the crotch. I couldn't bring my legs together, my legs were kept several inches apart, making it difficult to walk normally.

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    I've been have diapers appear in my dreams in very random places. Last night, I dream I was in a warehouse with bombs going off and a crate on a forklift opened up and a huge stack of diapers fell out. In more "social" dreams, they are just randomly lying around the place. I don't seem to have dreams where I'm just doing the thing in the diaper.

    Before I got back in diapers, I actually had "anti-diaper" dreams were I had to go #2 and struggle to make it to the toilet, which was often in bizarre locations. The were very unpleasant and nasty dreams, but diapers seemed to fix that.

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    I had to take a couple months break form wearing so I started to see a lot of diaper dreams. I saw them like 3 times per week! They usually are about me going somewhere public wearing nappies under my pants and getting exposed of doing so :')

    In my latest diaper dream, I had nappies on and went like "No! I can't wear now, why are these on me??" so I took them off and went for a wee sitting down. But then I started to feel the wee raise up to touch my bum, and I noticed the nappies were on me again like a curse or something!! haha.
    For some reason I did not take them off, but instead went to search for a pharmacy to buy myself some dry padding. While searching I met like all my friends in a big group so I told them my nappies are wet and I need to find a pharmacy to buy new ones and they wanted to help me. We had to cross a river using only our hands, hanging from a rope, climb some playground-like stuff and solve puzzles with the help of monkeys xD It's so hard to find a pharmacy these days..!

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    When I have diaper dreams, I generally go right then and there and wake up catching myself doing it or its a short while after I wake up and I'm wet. Used to have them 4-5 days a week until I got back in diapers, wet bed sheets can be a self-esteem killer..

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    I don't have too many diaper dreams but when I do happen they all seem to happen at once. I will either have a dream that I'm wearing diapers in public or I will have dream that I am wetting a diaper and I will wake up while I'm wetting my diaper or the bed if I'm not diapered.

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