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Thread: Are dry 24/7 worth it

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    Default Are dry 24/7 worth it

    Hi are dry 24/7 worth the 1.65 per one. If not what is a better diaper

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    the price is about right for them considering all factors. There's nothing they lack from an AB/DL standpoint, short of a specific AB or DL themed print. (the shell IS soft white plastic with no wetness indicator though)

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    I have not used one for couple years.
    Tho when I last used, I think they were great.

    Amazing absorbancy, tho it had lot of bulk.
    Made me waddle a little when walking, more so when wet.
    Great at home diaper, tho may be not great for a long day out with a lot of walking.

    Not sure about not since they did the redesign.

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    I've tried a sample of them. They're a great diaper with the one caveat that the tapes still aren't amazing. But everything else is wonderful from an ABDL standpoint. Thick and absorbent, plastic exterior that crinkles, and good leak guards, and a comfortable fit. They'll hold up for you for whatever you put them through

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    They work well but you cant walk in them you will be waddling everywhere

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    In my opinion, these are the best diapers for my money. I have gone 24/7 for a time with them, worn them while driving, and really enjoy them at night. I have not noticed a waddling problem personally. They are thicker than most, but still reasonable for daily use. The tapes can use some extra support especially toward the end of their capacity or time limits. A cover over the diaper gives the tapes just enough extra support to stay in place nicely.

    For capacity, these are the best performing for the money. These have a quality plastic outer shell, front and back waistbands, quality standing leak guards, and decent tapes. For quality, these rate equally well for the money also. At their price, there is not a better quality diaper in my opinion. This is not everyone's favorite for various reasons (cost, thickness, lack of color, etc.), but it certainly does not disappoint.

    If you are thinking about buying some, you will not be disappointed. Just be careful with the size. They run big.

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    They're pretty good, but I think I prefer the Forma-Care X-Plus, Kolibri Comslip or the plastic-backed Abena Abri-Form M4...

    All of those are cheaper (here in the UK, at least) and arguably better than the Dry 24/7.

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    Yeah they are worth it haha the tapes are hit and miss but there almost the perfect diaper if you ask me.

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    I wear these every night, never had a problem, it fits me perfectly, holds an incredible amount.

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    I wear dry 24/7's day and night 24/7 I have no problem or waddle then walking I wear a medium.

    I have found them to be the best diaper so far for my OAB issue. They are expensive $2.30 CDN per diaper but are worth the cost for comfort, absorbancy .

    I would like to try the north shore overnights but have not found a dealer here in Canada not sure what the shipping charges would be if I order form the U.S.

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