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Thread: Thinner diaper for summer and the health risks of heat down there

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    Default Thinner diaper for summer and the health risks of heat down there

    Hi Guys
    I know I'm in the minority here but I find the really thick diapers very uncomfortable -- especially overnight and especially in summer.

    In general, the thickness of the ABU Cushies seems pretty ideal. But I only have Bambinos on hand right now and I just can't take the heat in them. I picked up some Depends briefs, because, honestly, I find them very comfortable and wouldn't want anything thicker...if they worked.
    How would you describe the Tena Slips? Are they much thicker than the Cushies?

    I wind up wearing a diaper to bed for the comfy feeling and taking it off in the middle of sleeping because I get too hot. Does anyone else have this problem?

    Aside from the sweating and discomfort, I am also concerned about the ambient temperatures down there. There's some research demonstrating long-term reduced fertility due to diaper wearing in infants...and I am sure the same is true of adults. Even worse, increasing the ambient temperatures could increase risk for testicular cancer.

    Switching to cloth like is also an option, but who wants to do that? What do you do to stay cool?


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    There is certainly short term (male) fertility issues but I don't know of longer one.

    I actually do use cloth from time to time (though plastic pants sort of obviate the advances). You might try some of the ones like the attends breathables. While the absorbant area is still impermeable, there are the ventilation in the sides.

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    D: Thinner diaper? Are those two words even allowed to go together in this culture? (jk)

    Tena Slips are very good, remarkably thin considering how well they bulk up when wet. If you're not worried about capacity and looks then most other generic pull-up and tape on brands should suffice for functionality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by willnotwill View Post
    There is certainly short term (male) fertility issues
    Citation badly needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    Citation badly needed.
    Here's a link that shows the effects of heat on mice:

    Here is a quote from a report on occupational stressors on fertility:

    I personally don't get uncomfortable from wearing a diaper in warm weather. The only time it's an issue is when the heat is generally uncomfortable anyway. I don't live in an area that gets unbearably hot too often though so YMMV.

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    Yeah summer is certainly not the optimal season for diapers. It's not fun to wake up with certain things sticking to certain other things. Eh... I need better air conditioning.

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    I recommend Tena Slip They are my favourite diaper when I need to go outside diapered. They don't show trough pants and are not too hot. Nappies will always be stuffy though, just use enough baby powder!
    I use Tena Slip for sleeping, too. They are SUPER absorbant for their thickness!

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    for me, a little thin is better for regular daytime wear. snuggies (daytime) are perfect.

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    Tena slips are good, the tena basic was great but it is no longer available. I also recommend Molicare comfort plus. Very thin (thinner than Tena), but still functional. They have cloth like breathable wings/side panels with plastic in the center. They work well, hold 2 decent wettings or more, and aren't that expensive either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bambinod View Post
    for me, a little thin is better for regular daytime wear. snuggies (daytime) are perfect.
    I know I've disagreed with you a lot on the Total Dry Plusses, but I think you're right about the Snuggies. I wish they had an all white version in case of workplace peekage, but I guess you can't have everything. The price is right and they're pretty thin while still holding a fair amount.

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