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  • I'm 24/7 and I've some mentals issues.

    0 0%
  • I'm 24/7 and come from destroyed/overprotective family

    0 0%
  • I'm 24/7 and I was abused

    0 0%
  • I'm not 24/7, but I've some mental issues

    6 33.33%
  • I'm not 24/7, but I come from destroyed/overprotective family

    4 22.22%
  • I'm not 24/7, but I was abused

    3 16.67%
  • I've gender/age identity issues

    2 11.11%
  • I'm IC

    2 11.11%
  • I was infantil bedwetter

    0 0%
  • Late potty trained

    2 11.11%
  • Another

    9 50.00%
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Thread: Pool: How is your AB/DL and his ambience/origen

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    Question Pool: How is your AB/DL and his ambience/origen

    OK, as I see last times lot of questions about "head" and family issues, so I guess to try some pool to get some statistic...

    If you've something more to add, feel free to post it.

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    I admit I don't see what you're getting at with this. I went with "Another", since although I am currently 24/7, it's anomalous, and I don't see it lasting more than two more months at the absolute most. I don't identify with any of the categories you provided for 24/7 wearers in any event. I'd categorize myself as "Happy kinkster/fetishist with a broad range of wearing habits".

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    Guess I thought 24/7/365 "in extremo," without IC etc.

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    This poll is entirely broken. The majority of the options include clauses that depend on dysfunctional families, child abuse, or mental health issues. This leaves no room for anything OTHER than those scenarios. You've made it impossible someone who does not from a dysfunctional family, experienced child abuse, or suffer mental health issues to answer weather they wear 24/7 or not 24/7. And all of the other possible answers basically depend on some kind of incontinence.

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    Only a tiny minority of ABDLs attribute their ABDL-hood either to trauma or to mental illness.

    In 2008, BitterGrey did a survey of over 1000 ABDLs. Some of the questions asked about what ABDLs thought caused their ABDL-hood. Only 3% of respondents thought that their ABDL-hood was caused by abuse or other trauma. (1% attributed their ABDL-hood to "diaper punishment," 2% to other traumas, including sexual abuse.)

    In 2010, BitterGrey did a second survey. Some of the survey questions asked respondents if they had any mental illness or conditions. The survey found that Asperger's, bipolar disorder, and OCD occurred at somewhat higher rates among survey respondents than in the general population (even after correcting for the over-representation of males in the sample). That said, a large majority of survey respondents did not report suffering from any mental illness or condition.

    I agree with AshleyAshes that there's something wrong with the list of options on the poll in this thread. The possible causes it focuses on only apply to small minorities of us. For the majority of ABDLs, the only honest answer to the question "What caused your ABDL-hood?" is "I have no idea."

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    I'm focused at "another," so feel free to post... Second thing, a lot of AB/DLs don't know that "from Where and How," because it's out of range from the concience.

    May I'd put choice "I don't know...," it'd be interesting. So now we've "I don't know..." and "another" as the same.

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