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    Was wondering what you think is the best booster pad? I have tried the xl northshore conuter booster and the tranquility contoured booster. What are your thoughts?

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    I like the XPMedical regular (5" x 12"). I just reordered a package of them, plus a package of the Abena Contour Boosters. I like the XP regulars, but I have not tried the Abena boosters yet. The regulars are pretty good, and get pretty thick when getting full of urine.

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    I've only tried the Goodnites Tru-fit boosters. Absorbs a bunch. Swells a bunch. Easily available at most stores.

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    I haven't tried any booster pads but I've used size 5 baby diapers and they work great. Another great thing about them is that they can be removed by simply reaching into your diaper and then pulling them out. It only takes a few seconds and can be done by just ducking behind a tree or a wall and then dropping in a nearby trash can. Had to do it a few times in a pinch and it was a bit scary but it worked out great and nobody was the wiser.

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    I have, and do use, Pampers 6 diapers, and the Goodnites Tru-Fit boosters. Technically, neither is a booster, but rather a soaker. The difference is that boosters let the urine flow on through to the diaper, and will eventually get the diaper full enough that it cannot pass much urine, and will then expand. Quite largely, I may add! Soakers such as the pampers 6 and the Tru-fit soakers do not allow urine to pass through to another diaper, but both expand real well. When I want a really good waddle, I use a Pampers 6 inside the outer layer of the premium diaper, then both a Tena Ultimate Overnight and a Tena Overnight pad, covered by an XP Medical booster. WOW! when all are full!!!! The Tenas, like the Pampers are soakers, but can be modified to all allow urine to pass through before they begin to get really full, and full they will get. If you are wondering how to modify them, there are posts here in ADISC that explain how to do it. It isn't difficult. A seamstress pinwheel works rather well, but locate and read the posts for more information.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattew View Post
    I've only tried the Goodnites Tru-fit boosters. Absorbs a bunch. Swells a bunch. Easily available at most stores.
    I have to agree with this ^^^ I will say though that most baby diapers and small pull ups work good to as boosters and as stated above you can find most of these in stores!

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    I have tried both the Xp Medical and the NorthShore boosters. The 2XL boosters perform very good. It feels like the NorthShore boosters are a little softer to wear. I wonder if the boosters are made from the same manufacture. I also tried the Abena Abri-Let Booster Pads Maxi which was very soft. But I like the 2XL boosters better because it feels more like the diaper that I am wearing. I don't like the feel of the small booster pad in the middle of the diaper were it feels thicker only in one place. I like to have a thicker diaper overall because it feel more comfortable to wear.

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    I have tended to use Abena Normals or Maxi ones, most of the others don't seem to have as much absorption for the amount you spend. I've also noticed many brands are almost the same as one another, especially the lower end ones. I find the contoured ones to be too big and sometimes are harder to position in the diaper without making the standing leg gathers useless.

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    The goodnites Tru-Fit works great as booster. It isn't plastic lined so it will soak thru into your diaper. If you use a baby diaper, you'll have to make some slits on the outer backing to let the urine seep thru into your diaper.

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    I vote for Goodnites Tru-Fit inserts as well. They hold a ton and swell up nicely. I've used other booster pads like Bambino, Northshore, Abena, and they work well but they can be quite expensive.

    Bambino has 2 different brands of these. Quadro, and the Total Dry. Quadro is the same company that makes North Shore and XP Medical. The Total Dry however is good and swells nicely, the one problem I had is that the SAP seems to escape the lining and can become somewhat a mess. It's not that they bust open, but the smaller particles tend to be pressed out of the lining and if you have pubic hair, it can be a hassle cleaning and tend to have to take a shower to get it out of your pubic hair. The Quadro pad is longer and wider and it is thinner. It doesn't hold quite the amount of Total Dry, but is great.

    The Abena booster pads are designed with more wood pulp than SAP and it doesn't swell much, however it is thicker when dry than the rest but it doesn't hold as much as some. The padding also tends to fall apart within the lining and can form to one area making one spot really bulky.

    The Tru-Fits do hold quite a bit, more than I expected them to. I've been using these for awhile now. They are easily found in stores, are cheaper, and you don't have to pay shipping. They swell a lot and tend to keep its shape. For the money, these are the best you can get.

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