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Thread: Forced to wear by interruption?

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    Default Forced to wear by interruption?

    Hello, I had an experience today where I was kind of forced to wear because I had no time to change when I was interrupted by a family member in my house.

    Basically what happened was I was going to check the mail (its pretty far down my driveway) and as I was going back my Grandfather told me to get in the truck because we had to go pick up bread/milk. He had already locked the front door and I didn't really want to bother with going back in.

    I pretty much tried to walk as casually as I could in Dollar General without waddling too much, but I don't think anyone noticed. I was just wondering if anyone else had a similar experience. Thanks.

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    Actually, yes! I was wearing while playing with my dog when nobody else was home, when my grandparents came over and asked me to go out to dinner. They were running late, so I had no time to change. I also did my best to act natural, not crinkle or waddle, and most importantly, stay dry!

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    Yeah, It was a very interesting experience for me, since I would have normally never gone in public diapered. But since I actually did I realized it's not as terrifying as I thought it was.

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    Once my friend invited me over, and since he was really close I didn't bother changing.
    At one point he and one other person wanted to see my tattoo so they just rudely lifted my shirt. I went to check in the toilet and it seems like my nappy was showing a bit :P They were pretty distracted by my sweet ink tho so I doubt they noticed lol

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    I was spending a fun, diapered Saturday when my son and his family unexpectantly showed up for a visit. I tried to stay seated for most of the visit, afraid that my diaper bulge would show.

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    I also spending a lovely diapered day and went to put some papers in the recycle bin when my neighbor came over, I was pretty soggy at the time and wanted to change but I couldn't until after she left, I even wet two more times while she was here, No leaks. Yea yea yea

    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    I was spending a fun, diapered Saturday when my son and his family unexpectantly showed up for a visit. I tried to stay seated for most of the visit, afraid that my diaper bulge would show.

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    I've had this happen. I was wearing in town once and got called into work. Too far from home, I just headed in. I ended up spending 13 hours in that diaper. Ever since, I carry a bag with a full change of clothes everywhere so I never have to get caught in that situation again.

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    Sometimes when my roommate wants me to take him to work in the morning, I end up driving him there padded because he gives me so little time to roll out of bed. It's hardly wearing out in public by any means, but still outside the house.

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    years ago i was in my bedroom with doubled up Abena M4's. my dad knocks or comes into my room saying lets go to mc d's for lunch. I slightly panic, he know's I wear diapers so that's not to big a deal but even someone as blind and willfully stupids about it as him would question a diaper this apparently thick. Plus he wanted to leave *right now* at the time so I do my best to put my pants on and I think I might not of got it buttoned just due to the thickness.

    Anyways get in the van and he doesn't say anything about what's probably my biggest diaper bulge ever for public. Get in mc d's and place the order and of course nothing happens. No one's staring at my ass/dick zone and if they do they don't say a damn thing. We sit down, eat and go back home afterwards. No issue's what so ever from the event that I recall.

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    I've never really been forced out of the house, but I had a pretty uncomfortable situation happen Thursday. I was at home with my grandma and she told me she'd be busy doing chores downstairs for a couple hours so I figured I'd have some alone time for awhile. So I got padded up and decided to mess since I had to go and I hadn't gotten the chance in awhile (Awful idea). So, I do, and I'm just chilling out and enjoying it for about 10 minutes when my grandma knocks very loudly on my door and tells me to get all the dishes out of my room and get all my clothes out of the dryer. I didn't have time to clean up and I know by that tone I couldn't tell her to wait a few minutes. So I threw on some shorts and did all the crap she asked me to in a very full diaper. I could smell it so I know she would have if she got too close. Very unpleasant experience. That, kids, is why you don't mess when other people are home.

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