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Thread: Do you rememer THE time

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    Default Do you rememer THE time

    Hi everyone,

    Thought it might make for an interesting thread to share how we got started in the ABDL lifestyle. Do you remember when you first knew that you liked diapers? How did you get into it, did you have a source for getting your diapers discretly, did you have to sneak a few from a source, or was it a head first plunge into the deep end? Did you start out using them for the full intended purpose or did you gradually dip your toes in the water?

    I'll start with mine: I sort of knew early on, mainly from a sense of touch. When I was little I always preferred the ones with plastic on the front, as they were smooth and soothing versus the cotton which I thought was rough and uncomfortable. Plastic ones were Luvs, thus part of my name (cotton were pampers, my only experience with Huggies were with Goodnites and probably pull up training pants) Years went on by and I still had a bedwetting issue, and I would have to wear Goodnites to bed. I still remember the feel of them, they were the old all white ones when I started and ended. I knew I was a DL when I would sneak wearing one to school (and using it as I never liked the public restrooms). Eventually I outgrew them, or was deemed to old to be "wearing a diaper to bed" and had to stop. Years went on by, I was a junior in high school and had dental surgery, I thought I could use it as a trick to get back into my preferred pants of choice by faking an accident on the chair (just dropping some water on the front of my shorts) as I had to sleep upright. Lo and behold it worked, had to use the Depends pull-ups (never have been crazy about them) but it was a gateway back into comfort, and ever since I have slowly been getting back into the swing of things.

    What's your story?
    thanks for sharing!

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    I've liked diapers for as long as I can remember. I remember being 3, and while I was completely potty-trained during the day, I still wore regular baby diapers to bed due to bedwetting. One day, my parents bought me pull-ups instead, and I absolutely refused to wear them for some unexplainable reason. I remember being scared of them though, and just wanting to wear my regular diapers to bed. I also didn't like wearing pink things, so that might've had something to do with it. However, my parents eventually won the pull-up battle when I was 8-9 and was outgrowing the baby diapers.

    Another hint that I liked diapers was how often I didn't change out for them when I woke up in the morning, especially in the summer/weekends when I didn't have school. Of course, disposable baby diapers were EXTREMELY crinkly back then so my mom always managed to catch me within a few hours. My mom also caught me changing out of my panties and into a diaper in the middle of the day. At the time I didn't fully understand why I wanted to, only that I did. The explanation I gave myself was that "diapers are cuter." My mom never even asked me why I did it, she just scolded me for being wasteful.

    I wasn't brave enough to wear them in public until high school. And that was only because I met other people on MySpace etc. that were doing the same thing, so they kind of inspired me. I still wet the bed then, so I had plenty of Goodnites. And they were quiet enough that I never got caught.

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    Default Do you rememer THE time

    I can vaguely remember liking diapers from a really really young age. But, the clearest specific incident I can remember happened when I was about 6-8 ish, and my mom, brother and myself had to do an unplanned overnight stay at my grandmas for the night because of tornado that had touched down along the way we went home.

    Because we hadn't planned on staying the night, no one had packed any clothes, and my brothers clothes and mine were dripping wet from this HUGE storm outside (I still remember bits from the storm itself) and for whatever reason, my grandma didn't have any spare clothes at her place.

    What ended up happening was once we realized we'd be spending the night, someone came up with the idea to toss our clothes in the wash and have the both of us wear these very white, very comfortable 'overnight' pull ups around the house and to bed.

    I had never had any sort of bedwetting issue at all, so I remember the experience was totally wild and strange to me, but I DO remember being quite surprised with how comfy the pull ups/diaper was, because I ended up wearing it even longer than I 'had to' and ended up wearing it under my eventually cleaned clothes.

    Of course, being a dumb kid, my mom eventually noticed and lightly gave me grief for still having it on.

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    It all started for me when I was about 4 years old. I remember having this odd fascination with the idea of being an even smaller child and longing for the attention that it used to being me. I remember 2 specific instances; once when I was about to leave for preschool, I was laying on the floor with my eyes closed imagining there were 2 older ladies ogling over me, tickling me, and talking to me in a very babyish tone. I can still remember the stupid smile on my face and my dads tone when he said "uhh... what are you doing?". The other instance was my fascination with a commercial featuring a baby having water poured over his belly button. I remember trying to recreate the scene and pretending I was a baby myself whenever I'd take a bath.

    The real ab/dl stuff however, didn't start until I was 7 and it literally seemed to happen over night. One night I had a dream that I was in my room in baby attire being looked after by the bear from the Charmin toilet paper commercials (what??) and I incidentally ended up pooping myself while he watched. The next morning I woke up with an overwhelming, and I now know to be sexual desire to wear and mess diapers. When I'd get time alone, I'd put clothes, small pillows, or other soft things in the back of my underwear in an attempt to simulate messing myself. I was caught more than a few times by my dad who must've thought I was a pretty weird kid lol. I did however get him to make a game out of it and treat me like a baby the first time, which turned out to be more awkward than fun. I also remember getting very excited about the few episodes of Fairly Odd Parents which involved Timmy being turned into a baby.

    One of my favorite incidents was when I was about 10 and my 7 year old nephew was staying with us. We were in my room playing and I mentioned it would be really funny if we pretended to be babies together. To my surprise he was all over that idea. We ended up putting on a bunch of layers of underwear to simulate diapers and crawled around the room chasing each other. The best part of it was probably when I brought out my water gun and we sprayed it at each other to make it look like we peed ourselves. I was loving it because he seemed to enjoy it just as I did. Probably for different reasons though... Only bad part was when my mom called from downstairs and asked what we were doing, and before I could tell him to lie about it, he proudly ran down in his multiple soaked pairs of underwear and announced "We're pretending to be babies!". Thankfully she never brought it up to me. Good times.

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    I remember becoming facinated with diapers back when I was only about 10 years old. I was staying at a friends house who played on my baseball team and his younger sister (about 8 years old) still had problems wetting the bed and wore pull-ups to bed. I am not sure why, but I ended up sneaking in to her room and taking a couple of them to take home. I wore them in the coming nights and would stand in front of the mirror admiring them. It was not till years later when I was able to drive that I ever wore diapers again, but I still remember that time when I started my love of diapers.

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    I remember being in the super market on a monthly grocery trip. We would all go as a family and fill 2 carts with both food and other items needed for the next month. It happened about age 10, I was following mom with one of the carts. We had been shopping here since I was like 3. This time, we went to this section of the store I had never seen before.

    We then went down this one strange isle I had never seen before and I am surprised. She needed something else from the isle and took some time looking. While looking around, there were some strange bags on one shelf that vaguely looked like diapers, but were not quite right. Being curious, I asked mom what they were and what they were for. Mom told me they were adult diapers for adults who cannot hold their bladder anymore.

    I remember leaving the isle wanting them because I wet the bed and sometimes had trouble holding my bladder. Those things would be awesome to allow me to wake up in a dry bed every morning. Before then, it did not occur to me that anyone older than a young child could wear diapers. Later, I returned with my driver license and own car to purchase the diapers from that isle: Depends and Attends (Procter and Gamble).

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    I've always had a thing for diapers. I can remember from when I must have been about 2 my mom holding up some underwear and a pullup and asking me to choose. I pointed at the pullup, but she asked again in such a way that I knew that was the wrong answer and picked the underwear that time.

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    I jumped right in with both feet as I have a neuro genic bladder and bowel,OAB,incontinent,and functional incontinence. It is only recently that I have started liking having to wear,and cep ting and liking are two different animals.

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    I remember always being fascinated with diapers for as long as I can remember that I was in diapers 24/7 until I was 6 and I wet the bed every night until I was 11. When I got out of diapers I remember getting caught trying to take some of my younger sisters diapers a few times. The next time I would get back into diapers would be when I would be 19 when I could drive and buy my own diapers. Now I love my wearing the diapers I have and I do not want to give them up.

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    i remember the first time i got "attached" to diapers was when i wet and messed the bed one night, and got put into diapers for the remainder of the week as precaution / punishment. since then, i really enjoyed them.
    i have ongoing overflow incontinence issues and as a result i used incontinence pads for them. my parents thought it was unnesscary for me to be "in diapers" because they think i would be too troublesome. i never really actually "tried" diapers until when i was around 15. on some days when i get back from school, i would call my parents and make sure they aren't home and i would go to the store and buy diapers. i would spread them out and hide them between my folded clothes, inside my pillow cases...
    right now, im slowly adapting to the 24/7 lifestyle...

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