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Thread: Whats in your bottle/sippy cup?

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    Default Whats in your bottle/sippy cup?

    so I am sitting here drinking Barry's tea from a bottle (tried it in the bottle first time the other night best bottle I have had yet!)

    what is in your sippy cup or bottle you have now?

    what are some of you favorite drinks to put in them?

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    Wegmans' unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Yummy and creamy and perfect for drinking out of a bottle. And then I fall asleep.

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    Formula, water or milk are my top drinks but I also occasionally have apple juice, grape juice and chocolate milk.

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    I almost always drink a half and half combination of cranberry juice and ginger ale. It was recommended for me by the nurses when I had my bleeding ulcer many years ago. I still drink it. Cranberry juice is a natural diuretic and has no caffeine. Canada Dry ginger ale doesn't contain caffeine either.

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    Most of the time apple juice is in my bottle but I will also put water and some kind of fruit punch drink in it from time to time.

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    Chocolate milk with irish cream. Great for helping with sleep.

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    Sweetened vanilla almond milk, nice and warm best sleep aid I've found.

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    Jack daniels and diet coke

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    I have never had much sucess with soda in bttles and sippy cups

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