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    Hi. I'm a pretty average person. Average height, average weight for my average age. I live in a perfectly average town, drive a normal car to a rather non impressive job where I do about average. I have all the usual hobbies and interests for someone my age. I play some games, and do ok on average difficulty. I read some books, see some movies, watch some TV. On average I go out 2-3 times a month on dates with fairly average people, doing the usual thing people do on dates.
    There really is nothing extraordinary about me.

    Except my choice in underwear.

    I think I was always wired up to be this way. But it was something i had convinced myself I liked only on people I was dating, not for my self. it's only recently that I've decided to embrace the fact that it was something I wanted for my self all along and accept that it's really a thing about me.

    I'm here mostly to get a sense of what normal is. Well, "normal" in the context of adults with an alternative undergarment interest. I'd like to see how others act, react, and cope with life in different undies. perhaps I can help others with knowledge gained from my experiences, too.

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    Welcome Foxroxsox! I think that was an average welcome. Someone once told me everyone is plus or minus a brick. We're mostly normal here except for those white plastic things we wear. While not accepted by most of society, we have a pretty tight group here who support each other in this unique hobby. I like to think of us as a secret society. You know we're out there, but you probably never know it! Bwa ha ha!

    Seriously, it's good you are coming to terms with yourself and what you like. Remember you're not hurting yourself or others so just kick back and relax and enjoy your padding!

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    Hey Fox (shortened name). You might be more extraordinary than you give yourself credit for. Have you dated many people that wanted to wear diapers? That would certainly be a dream for me. Anyway, hope to get to know you better. Tell us about some of the "average" things you like to do.


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