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Thread: Found a Unicorn, so to Speak! now a question on diapers for larger girl

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    Default Found a Unicorn, so to Speak! now a question on diapers for larger girl

    Do I haven't posted on here in a while, and a lot has changed since the last time I've posted.

    I'm a daddy dominant, and I've found a girl who we very quickly realized we share the exact same desires. In short, she is an AB and wants to be diapered and changed by me on a near nightly basis once we get a bit more comfortable with one another sexually.

    While I don't know her precise measurements, I'd say she's about 5' 8" and maybe a 36 waist. Does anybody have any recommendations on three things:

    -Very babyish diapers that would fit that body type well, where they are still sexy and fitted but should be think (and able to absorb a full bladder).

    -More discreet diapers (like pullups or goodnites in her size) that are babyish but can fit comfortably and discreetly under relatively tight pants.

    -Training pants in her size.

    Would love any links, brands, tips, advice etc! Generally speaking, if there's any AB girls out there reading this, would love your advice on how you'd like a 24/7 relationship to look, or if any guys have been in a relationship like this, what tips do you have?

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    I'm about a 34 and I really like crinklz if you are in Europe if not rearz are very good also haven't tried bambino but they appear very similar in size

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    On women, the hip size is more likely to be the deciding factor on the diaper size. With 36" waist, your girl is more in the medium range. Her hips may barely push her into the large premium diapers, but she could probably wear either size. Small stuff like goodnights are probably out.

    Always or Tena would be good choices for pull-ups. Could also try Depends. No clue on training pants; I am only familiar with premium diapers.

    "Sexy", fitted, and babyish diapers would be a personal preference. My favorite diaper, the Dry 24/7, would likely fit her the best assuming her hip measurement is a few inches larger than her waist. These are only plain white. Beyond those, there are many AB diapers available with a variety of designs. Take a look at our diaper review articles. Bambino, ABU, and Cushies are popular choices. Mediums may be too snug and larges may be huge. Will have to get samples and see what fits.

    As far as the 24/7 relationship goes, communication is critical. It is when expectations no longer match that things go bad. Is she able to say what she needs and is her needs being met? Are you able to do the same? The only difference between a 24/7 relationship and other relationships is some added mutual interests. The difficult part is figuring out how to blend the AB interests into daily life. Negotiating and comunicating will be important. Which is more important: football games or diaper changes? Are there times that the AB stuff must be put on hold or changed such as family visits or other life events?

    Every relationship is unique. Make yours truly special. May you find the answers you seek.

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    I'd recommend looking into Snuggies Waddlers and Overnights. Waddlers are very discreet low capacity diapers perfect for day time wear. They are super babyish and good price. Overnights are less discreet though still somewhat they are also very babyish and they have great capacity. I'd say if you want training pants you're either going to have to get adult pull ups which are not really very babyish or cloth pull ups. If you're willing to look into cloth pull ups look into Dependeco, or Adult Super Undies, Or Baby pantz adult baby training pants. These three options offer good adult baby pull up options very babyish. I'd also advise you sit her down and look over these with her and check measurements together. I'd guess she's fit as mentioned above maybe medium or larger sizes.

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