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Thread: Ran into Kradien in a game... randomly.

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    Default Ran into Kradien in a game... randomly.

    Tonight I was playing Burnout Paradise and I was freeburning online hosting (On the PC)

    Anyways someone named Kradien (forgive me if I am misspelling it :P) came onto my game and he asked if I was the same fire2box from Adisc. I replied, "of course." or something to that extent.

    We both admitted it was odd but it's pretty funny running into some randomly from here in a online game. I am just glad I use the same online name everywhere, asides when I need to keep stuff private.

    Also Kradien I don't have a webcam sadly. But be thankful, other wise you would of seen a guy needing to shave, badly in a footed sleeper with sleeping puppy's on it. :P (Not to mention everyone else that "takes me out" would as well.

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    LOL Not nearly as funny as my run in with some one I knew IRL on a internet forum. But funny.

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    Well, I was gonna get Humphrey on webcam if you weren't such a wuss at ramming into me.

    Hope to see you online again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mickal View Post
    So who won the first game?
    We were just free burning around. Tough I think we did have a few races. I expect that he will just repeatably kick my ass due to his clear obsession with racing games. All I really play are FPS games and rarely do multiplayer in them. Unless its TF2.

    I avoid VS mode in Left 4 Dead.

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    hehe that happened to me with a firend from holidays once

    and how cant u like VS mode on L4D thats like the only thing i play on it

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    I've never run into anyone from the ADISC community, but I have played a few members of MLG. We ran into StrongSide when the official MLG playlist was released in Halo 3. Now the only way to interact with him is a chat invite. His friends list is booked, so I don't keep in touch. All 100 spaces are taken, full of every pro imaginable.

    For the record, he is actually a pretty decent guy. He plays like 5 hours a day, though. (Is that good or bad?) And of course, his team won the match.

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