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Thread: Charlotte, NC, anyone?

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    Default Charlotte, NC, anyone?

    Just wondering, but is there anyone else in Charlotte, NC or the surrounding area on here? If so, where is everyone from?

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    I'm from central Virginia, which isn't NC, but it's relatively close.

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    I'll visit ya one day just give me some time. As long as you don't kill me, I'm willing to visit you for a few hours.

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    That's where my dream job is I think ! But I move between Kentucky and Tennessee.

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    Snivy - YES! We must meet! I've got two years left in Charlotte, so let's not worry too much!
    And Baxton, Charlotte is a beautiful city! I'm from Ohio, but Charlotte is amazing! I'm not a huge fan of Kentucky, but Tennessee is pretty! Amazing state!

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    Haha, yeah, I don't care much for Kentucky either :p there isn't a lot to do here. But I love the hills in Tennessee, and Gatlinburg. It's like a theme park in city form . But yeah, NC sounds like an amazing state. Sounds like a good vacation trip!

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    I've only been to the western half of TN, and would love to see more of it! I assume you've not been to NC? So, where are you from??

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    Born in Illinois, but pretty much lived the rest in Kentucky. Now I'm in Tennessee for college.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nezquic66 View Post
    Just wondering, but is there anyone else in Charlotte, NC
    I've lived in NC all of my life, went to school at UNC Charlotte and still live a little less than an hour south of Charlotte.

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    Awesome! I looked at UNCC, but didn't like it as well as other schools. I have friends there though! I actually go to Queens, so it's a MUCH smaller community! Plus Myers Park is a beautiful neighborhood! Where do you live now, Khaymen?

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