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Thread: Cloth diapering in the 1950's

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    Default Cloth diapering in the 1950's

    Short documentary on cloth diapering in the 50's. Does this bring back memories to anyone?

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    Well, this was certainly before my time, however, when they mentioned being able to buy cloth diapers at the grocery store... I remember seeing cloth diapers for sale at the grocery stores in my area until the mid 80s. Yep, pretty amazing.

    Thanks for posting!

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    I saw this on You Tube great commentary. As far as memories, some would find this hard to believe, but I can actually remember my 2nd birthday party(Oct. 1960); yellow highchair, big chocolate cake with 2 candles. I can even remember my mom changing me on the floor after ripping open present packages, which is the funnest part of the presents for a toddler. Too bad that I pooped and had to have the fun interrupted.

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    Very nice. I like where she said cloth is more comfortable.

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    They are more comfortable, very soft. freshly cleaned diapers are wonderful if you take good care of them. I'm actually considering trying pre folds just to see how they are with the pins and all.

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    Prefolds work very nicely. The main issue is that they will be bulky when sized for an adult, so it would probably be better to wear them overnight. If you wish to have one on strictly for comfort, just take a toddler sized prefold and insert in regular briefs, as if it were a pad. A cloth diaper will breath, so it can be worn all day as long as incontinence is not factored in, mitigating the need for a cover. The primary reason disposables are used for both adults and infants, is that they are very discrete and easy to dispose of. Look at any full-dressed 18 month old, and you will not notice any bulk, because the diaper is so extremely thin.

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    I bed wet so pre folds would work great for me. I generally don't wear during the day.

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    I wear cloth prefolds at night with a booster. There nice and comfy. In the morning I wake up soaked.

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    I use toddler ones. I don't pin them so they just lay there soaking up everything and making any cheap disposable feel like it is top quality.

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    I've never tried cloth diapers but I've heard that one problem is that the wetness stays directly on the skin as opposed to the "dry" liner in a disposable. They are porous so some air can circulate but I doubt that they would ever dry out while wearing them. It also seems that you would have to always wear plastic pants with them to prevent "press out" and odors since the cloth has no SAP or PH reducers. The plastic pants would also greatly reduce any chance of air circulation.

    I can see where they are good for preventing leaks and I admit that I've used a small cotton cloth as a pad between my diaper and plastic pants when I knew that I would be out and about for an extended period of time with limited opportunity to change. I'm really not trying to be negative here, I think it just shows that one has to use the right protection for the right circumstances. It's great that in this modern time we have a large number of choices.

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