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Thread: Best Pull-Up?

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    I am really bad at taping and prefer using pull-ups. I don't use them for wetting or soiling. I just really like the comfort, bulk and feel of wearing them. I am not looking for an AB style pull-up as I am a DL only.

    I have tried the Abena Abri-Flex Pull-Ups and found that the back part of the padding gets uncomfortable as it stops right at the base of my bum, right in the middle of where you sit. I tried the Depends Male Briefs and they are too thin. The Tranquility Premium Overnight seem to be the best so far.

    Anyone have any suggestions of others I might try?

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    Always Discreet pullups are my daily-use diapers (and I'm a guy, btw). My girlfriend likes them, too. Most stores I buy from have em on sale right now, so maybe check em out!

    I've also got some TENA men's briefs that I bought yesterday but haven't tried those out at all, so I'll post up later today once I try them.

    Good luck!
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    Default bestpullup

    You might want to check Northshore Flex Surpreme underwear. I haven't tried them yet but was thinking of getting some. good luck

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    Yep, I'll second the vote for Always Discreet (max absorbency) pull-ups. They are by far the best I've tried.

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    Yeah, the TENA men's briefs aren't great. Padding stops far short of the front and back.

    I've found women's pullups don't have as much space in the front, and narrower crotches/front areas, so the padding stays tighter and feels bulkier on a males genitals, even though there may be less material.

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    Not to be too graphic here but with the Always Discreet pull-ups I can always get at least two good wettings with no leaks. The first "pointed up" in the front and the second "pointed down". Might get a third small wetting "pointed up" in front again. After that you're on thin ice in the leak department. Pretty impressive for a pull-up though.

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    Always Discreet is too thin for me. I like Tranquility ATNs best so far.

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