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    a few days ago i was browsing the web and noticed a sale on drynites in a local online store. i knew this store always sends their packages in the same discretee plain boxes, so i ordered a bunch of girls L/XL drynites.

    the next day i got a text messeage from the store, saying that my package should be delivered tomorrow at 7-10am. when i went to bed, i set up 8 alarms on my phone and hooked it up to the computer speakers to make absolutely sure that i wake up 2 hours before the estimated time of arival.

    surprisingly, i managed to wake up and get out of bed at 5:30am, and at 7am i was already tactically camping outside the house.

    after almost an hour of waiting, the delivery boy arived. as usual he got out of the van, opened the back and told me he has a package for me. i glanced at the only box in the van and it was plain discretee box, it wasn't damaged, and it didn't have the punch in handles or anything that revealed what's inside. the delivery boy took a paper that was taped to my box, looked at it and put it back on the box. i gave him the cash and signed for it and took the box.

    when i got the box in my bedroom i looked at the paper that the delivery boy looked at before. there was my name and address written on it. i looked down a bit and there was an order note which said "huggies drynites girls diapers". then it occured to me that the delivery boy knew what was in the box, but i didn't really care because he was already gone, and he won't be coming back for a while because i will probably use another delivery service for a while

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    I had a delivery from, and the shipping box had, in very large font, on the large sides. There were no diapers in this box.

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