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Thread: Waking up wet

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    Default Waking up wet

    The title says it all! I just now woke up wet! I dozed off around 10 (3 hours ago) and just woke up on my sofa and much to my surprise, I was wet. I changed an hour before, and had to pee a little before falling asleep, but, didn't expect much, as I've not had an accident since I was a toddler. However, I thought is was quite odd when I first woke up, as I didn't know I was wet. My diaper was no longer warm, so it has to have been a while. Also, my goodnite was FLOODED. It is such an amazing feeling to wake up diapered in the first place, but to wake up wet when it wasn't meant, even better! Now, to change into a dry diaper.

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    Nice, I've tried going to sleep when I need to go and so forth. Never can triger an accident.

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    As your body gets use to wetting in your diaper expect more wet nights over time.

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    I would like to wake up wet from the night, but I don't always wear to bed. But since I've started, just in case, I've been sleeping on pads that were left over from when I was house-breaking my dog

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    See, I don't wear a lot, but have worn almost 24/7 since the end of last week, and this is any I am so shocked! My current diaper is dry since I've woken up, though that will all change shortly as I've banned myself from using the toilet all week

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    man, I wish that I had that type of supply to do that. I can only do 1 pull-up per day, and every 2nd or 3rd day I wear GoodNites Tru-Fits (or not wear). It sucks not to have a job to be able to fund this

    I really wish that I had listened to my thoughts years ago while I had a job.

    Sorry about that, just me being my ranty self it seems XD

    Good luck on going a week without the toilet

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    Thanks! I'm a college student, so finances are tight, but I've said $40 MAX on diapers. My family comes home next Monday, and I've got a about 15 Goodnites remaining. Can't order to my house, but I order to a friends house who knows I'm a dl. Might buy something more this week if I run out. Goodnites can only hold one wetting and aren't too mess friendly!

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    I wet Saturday night and my goodnight leaked onto my pad. I half woke up but went back to sleep without changing. Sunday morning I saw yellow on the sheet but it was dry so I figured I'd just throw a clean pad on and wait til Monday when my husband was at work to wash the sheets. As it turned out he was home on Monday but ended up telling me to wash the covers for other reasons so I didn't have to confess. Maybe he will read it on here.

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    I've been wearing nearly 24/7 for 3 years and that includes wearing to bed every night and I've never woken up wet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lozza1979 View Post
    I've been wearing nearly 24/7 for 3 years and that includes wearing to bed every night and I've never woken up wet.
    Try drinking more

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