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Thread: Donating unwanted diapers... anonymously!?

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    Default Donating unwanted diapers... anonymously!?

    Not sure exactly where I'm going with this, but I'd be interested to hear of ways in which you may have done something similar..

    A few years ago, I bought some supermarket branded diapers here in Scotland -- which were size 6+, the biggest size I'd seen on the shelf. Having heard (slightly believable) stories of those my age fitting into Pampers size 7s, I thought "what the heck!" and bought them. Long story short, they didn't fit (no surprise!) and was unsure what to do with them now that they were in my possession; I couldn't keep them as they'd just take up valuable hiding space.

    After much debate with myself, I ended up taking them to my church and leaving them in the diaper changing bay there. In no time at all, colleagues in the church were asking one another who 'donated' the diapers! I obviously couldn't say it was me, but part of me genuinely wished I could without people wondering why.

    While I wouldn't do it again (because, frankly, the mothers in the toddlers group would be taking complete advantage every Wednesday morning!), it does make me wonder how often this happens in any context. How other DLs have dealt with getting rid of diapers that they know are no use to them? How do you get rid of diapers that you know aren't going to be of use to you? Do you just throw them away, or do you find someone who you know will put them to good use? Have you ever given diapers away anonymously?

    I'm sure I'm not the first person to get diapers and realise they're of no use. But whether or not you've been in that situation, what creative advice could you give for getting rid of unwanted diapers without 'coming out' or just shifting them on through eBay?

    Who knows.. perhaps this might serve as a useful thread for those who ever do end up in such a situation for whatever reason

    As a wee side note... While it would be amazing to have a virtual diaper exchange / donation , I realise it's not feasible here for privacy. It's a conversation that happens on this forum time and time again -- but I still can't get over just how incredible it would be to send a diaper or two to those who you know can't get them like you can for whatever reason; be it with living arrangements, financial situation, or whatever. If anyone wants to throw 2 cents at how this would ever work, I would love to hear from you.

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    Usually, I donate my unwanted diapers to Goodwill or Salvation Army. They have drop boxes, or I leave then by the door at night.

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    I do the same, the Goodwill or any of the thrift stores are a good idea.

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    This is interesting that you bring this up, because I've had a few packs that I don't actually use and I've been wondering what to do with them. There's a selfish part of me that likes to just have the package and be able to pull them out whenever I like, but the realistic part is always so disappointed to see diapers that I love but cannot wear. Makes me feel like a dog who finally catches a car it's been chasing: What the hell do I do with it now?

    I feel like if I would donate them, it would be to someone who really needs them and I can't guarantee that would happen at a Goodwill. Maybe a Salvation Army, but I'm still apprehensive to let go of them.

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    The one thing I've always thought about was if I so happen to donate some Bambinos or some other ABDL diaper, I wonder what would happen.

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    My church has had members donate baby diapers when there's been a natural disaster somewhere. When people lose electricity, are flooded out, etc., diapers is one of the things needed.

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    I've donated diapers to thrift stores during a purge part of a cycle when I was still going through those regularly (5-10 years ago).

    I also know that there are diaper banks that actually do systematic collection of diapers for mothers of little babies. Because they're not easily available through programs like SNAP, sometimes poor moms can have a tough time getting enough. These are great services. I'm not sure they take opened packages though.

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    I had some diapers that were too big... adult diapers. I left them in a Hastings store bathroom on a shelf midway up on a wall. I didn't know what to do with them and didn't want to waste them. I figured there might be other teenagers that might want or need them. They were there for a couple days and the actually didn't disappear all at once.... so someone took some! I did this a couple times.

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    Another thing that I've done is to cut all the excess material around the diaper padding and used it as a booster, after putting holes in it. I read somewhere that you can also get some spray on glue and lightly spray both diapers and after a few minutes put the two together, This I've tried and it is like being double diapered. works great.

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