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Thread: Is this a type of incontinence?

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    Default Is this a type of incontinence?

    Whenever I pee I dribble alittle afterwards unless I mentally focus on closing the "valve". I was out in town today eating and spread my legs alittle and started dribbling, I looked down and noticed a stain on my jeans. I'm relatively healthy but I'm not too sure what is causing this uncontrollable dribbling.

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    It might be prostate related. Always good to go to doctor to check out things are a-okay

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    Girl? Guy? Age? ;)

    Just kidding, it's not that important since it would be wisest going to see a doc and telling him/her your symptoms exactly. It is uncomfortable talking about this, I know that. But they know how to not make this even more awkward as it is and may find a solution. Besides that they probably heard another poor soul with the same problems this day/week. And if it starts bothering you - as it seems, since you're asking here for some advice - then it's time to visit someone who may be able to help you.

    It could be a couple of things, it would be a typical symptom of an urethral stricture. But it could also be typically male related a prostatic enlargement, or female related a weakness of the connective tissue, or simply an imflammation of the bladder/cystitis. Which would still obviously need some treatment if it causes this effect.

    So it's best to get this checked by your family doctor, gynecologist or urologist.

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    My current condition started the same way, I had to start to wear real fit for men to catch the dribbles, that lasted for a couple of months then I started to have full random floods a few times a week. Go see your doctor and get an appointment with a urologist to see what's happening.

    It might just be a small infection or like typhare said it could be prostate related only your doctor can let you know for sure.

    I was diagnosed with an OAB and now wear dry 24/7's all the time I am now on my 8th month 24/7 I now pee wth out warning any time of the day or night. Get checked out to make sure it's nothing serious and in the mean time get some light pullups to catch the dribbles.

    Really research any meds the urologist prescribes and decide if you want to take the. With the side effects or simply wear 24/7 and deal with it that way. I chose diapers over meds due to the side effects but only you can make that choice for your self.

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    There is no reason to be alarmed at this early stage, but you should see a urologist. Please notice that I said urologist, rather than just any physician. It is possible that a urologist will want to conduct some specialized test that your general practitioner is not able to do.

    I'm double incontinent and have been through almost all of the tests for both conditions.


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    Any loss of stool or urine is icontinence plain and simple.

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    Any loss of stool or urine is icontinence plain and simple. Although looking at your profile or reading some of your blogs you probably alre as dy know that.

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