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    Recently, I've been thinking about buying some Goodnites Tru Fits, but wanted to see what everyone else has thought of them. I love their diapers, but am skeptical of their Tru fit. I'm about 165lbs with a 32" waist, will they fit? Also, how much do they hold? More, less, or about the same as the diaper version? Thank for your input!

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    In my experience they hold more than the diapers do. If you fit into the L/XL goodnites you'll fit into the Large/XL Tru-fit underwear, the tru-fits stretch a bit more than the diapers and are pretty sturdy, they won't just rip unless you are trying to make them rip. But imo, the best combination would be the tru-fit inserts put into the regular goodnites pull ups, that is the ultimate combination. Though the one plus I'll give the tru-fit underwear are that you can put baby diapers inside them instead of the insert, so say you want to wear a pampers cruiser but don't fit? No problem! Just lay it inside the tru-fit in the same way you'd put the insert in. Worth the investment imo.

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    Thanks! I've got to go to the store later, so I might pick some up. Glad that they'll fit! Thanks again

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    I use both the GoodNites Pull-ups AND Tru-Fits. I enjoy both of them equally. The only thing with the Tru-Fits, is the leak guard will sometimes rub against the skin next to my boys, but a quick adjustment/baby powder helps. I use the girls design on both.

    I have a ~32" waist also, and they are not overly tight or hard to put on.

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    Awesome! I'm slightly worried about sizing. I prefer girls diapers, though I might buy the boys version, if I buy them

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    Walgreens by me has the starter kit on sale right now for 8 USD off. Not sure when the sale ends. Other sales are on for the rest of the GoodNites brand.

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    My local Walmart didn't have any true fit, but the normal boys pull ups were on sale for $8 so I bought a pack. I normally wear the girls, but the boys are a great change. I think they are much nicer than the previous ones. Wearing one now! Just haven't used it yet.

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    When I bought mine, I went to GoodNites website and they have a $1.00 off coupon ($2.00 for Tru-Fits). I had to use an email address but I printed out each one, the Pull-ups, Starter Pack and Refill pack... plus, as tg4selfcheckout said, they had them on sale already.

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