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Thread: training wheels?

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    Default training wheels?

    do you have training wheels on your bike?

    i was thinking about getting them for mine, do adults need larger ones?

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    I'd assume so, but I guess it's just a matter of how much you weigh.

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    I never learned how to ride a bike for some reason, I could just never get it and I still can't get get it.

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    Your not the only one XD but seriously my dad tried to teach me and my sibling, but we never got the hang of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kitterdafoxy View Post
    I never learned how to ride a bike for some reason, I could just never get it and I still can't get get it.
    It's good to see I'm not the only one who never learned how to ride without training wheels.

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    Does dogboy have to show you guys how to ride a bike? I do remember my mom and dad teaching me in our driveway when I was 6. I'm sure it was frustrating for them at first, but I picked it up fairly quickly. I've been riding ever since. In fact, I was thinking about going out riding tomorrow. In my case, my shoes are cleated to my pedals which doesn't let you make mistakes. I ran into a woman once when she darted out in front of me. I simply fell over and sort of into her since I couldn't but my leg out to keep myself upright.

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    Training wheels, gotta look at that...

    I've got a bad right foot and neck/ riding is t very good...

    Was thinking if go with cleated hard sole bike shoes might work...and thinking about a trike/recumbant too...although I've never ridden one...

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    Training wheels for an adult bike would need to be large enough and strong enough to hold up an adult bike. I have followed motorcycles with training wheels and trike conversions and do not recommend either. For a bicycle, I would suggest considering the tricycles before considering training wheels unless you are really trying to learn to ride. The training wheels are too small to allow normal bicycle riding and would quickly wear out.

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    First, I've not seen any one on a 2 wheel bike with any training wheels, frankly I've not even heard of training wheels for adult bikes. You should call your local bike dealers and check into it.
    I agree with Jeremiah on this also. Good luck.

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