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Thread: I need help

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    Default I need help

    SO I get to graffiti my schools bathrooms legaly.(don't ask.)

    Any requests of things I should write?

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    Will they know it's you?

    If so: ADISC in pretty letters. (Nevermind; A search engine could tell them what it means.)

    Hmm.... Tinkerbell!


    "Mesmerale is Simply Mesmerizing."

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    You get to write graffitti?

    Huh. Okay, well then write something profound. If people are taking a whiz, they might as well be able to see the word of Jesus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by potty limericks at

    There was a young man from Rangoon,
    Whose farts could be heard on the moon,
    When you least would expect them,
    They'd roar from his rectum,
    With a sound like a double bassoon!

    What's the deal with this toilet-seat crap?
    If we don't put it up, there's a flap.
    Leave it up, and we get,
    A new lecture yet.
    Either way, we'll be in for a rap.

    There once was a young man named Brewster
    who said to his girl as he goosed her,
    "This used to be grand,
    but look at my hand,
    you're not wiping as clean as you used ta!'"
    "for a good time, call *insert schools phone # here*

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    Spray a bunch of diaper wearing people on the wall together with the caption: "We don't need toilets!"


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    Either a Cow, *chan smiley face or the lyric to Never Gonna Give You Up.

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    At my college, we had 4 stalls. Someone had written on each stall, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. It was funny by the time you got down to "John".

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