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Thread: Crinklz diapers in the UK

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    Default Crinklz diapers in the UK

    where's the best place to get crinklz padding from in the UK I have only seen a few places in Germany and France but shipping cost can be more than then diapers

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    I usually buy in bulk from Save Express (Airoliver) I can get 150-300 pieces of diapers with about 20 euros of postage, depending on how fancy nappies I am buying. I live in Finland but I assume the prices are somewhat same when traveling that far?
    I put ten bags of Crinklz into the shopping cart and put Gross-Britannien as the country and got these figures:

    total 179.94*

    Shipping costs 29.00*

    total 208.94

    total amount excl. VAT: 175.58

    % MwSt.:" 33.36

    That's about two euros pet nappy. Not too bad imo for a prime diaper.
    But yeah, it really depends.. like, if you have money to only buy one pack, the cost of postage would be 10 euros.
    This means a cost of 3 euros per nappy!
    It's a paradox, like if you don't have a lot of money, you have to save a lot of money by using a lot of money???

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    I order from abdlfactory quick delivery and the prices are good for bulk purchases

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    Do some working out as Comficare cost just about the same from save express as nappies r us once the exchange rate is taken into account

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