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Thread: Diapers in an emergency?

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    Default Diapers in an emergency?

    This is always something I take into consideration when I go out diapered; what if I get into an accident? As a medical professional myself I know that no one would really bat an eye at someone diapered coming into the ER but I was just wondering if it ever actually happened to anyone.

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    It's always my fear slash making a bad situation better. If someone I knew found out it would be awful. If I could be padded in the hospital it'd probably help my anxiety. Hopefully if it's my padding and I can change myself that is. It's not the best thing to involve someone else. If I'm panicked enough I warrant restraint I sadly can't do much about it...

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    Well for me that would worry the EMT's even more most likely. Why? Because my wearing a diaper indicates a medical condition that could complicate things even more. It has never happened to me ironically considering all the hell I have gone through but that's more because I was not incontinent the last time I had to go the ER. What happened was on July 18th of 2010 I had a left Patelar ninety degree lateral dislocation of my left knee again(I've had 3 knee dislocations so far with 2 of them being ninety degree. otherwise all of them the same). I was not wearing a diaper at the time because I was not incontinent yet at that time. Of course with me it would not matter because everyone in my area knows I wear diapers because some jackass I will be seeing in court decided that I did not need to be reasonably accommodated and the whole neighborhood saw my wet shorts that day because of that.

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    It comes under HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)Privacy Rule.

    I am a retired EMT an in my case i am going to tell them its due to my Small Fiber Polyneuropathy caused by a autoimmune disorder.

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    I have not have not been to an emergency room diapered. When I have have had to go to the emergency room, it has been for urgent care needs and I have made sure my attire was appropriate before leaving my house. When I cut my hand woodworking, I changed into clean clothes that did not have blood and wood shavings all over them. Other times when expecting a hospital gown, I changed into board shorts (swim trunks) before leaving home. Nurses get startled when that is the only lower garment worn. I hate wearing only briefs and a hospital gown to the restroom. Anyway, the ER does not care about undergarments except when they have cargo pockets. They are professionals doing a job: treat the condition which brought you into the ER. I would doubt diapers would matter to them. In the event of a real emergency, my diaper would be the least of my concerns.

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    I do some cray stuff diaperd but don't think ER would have any issues

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    So let's say after they discover you are diapers and they admit you. Do you think they will keep you in diapers because they know that's what you prefer?

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    They can't administer treatments that you refuse. So to spare them additional work and protect their property, it would be in their best interest to keep you in diapers (if you are IC, that is). No way I would let anybody shove anything up my weewee

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    i got shot about 6 years ago, the first thing they do in the ambulance is to cut your clothes off to check for more bullet holes. if you are actually hurt your not going to show up to the hospital with clothes on. they dont mind starring at your junk they probably wouldn't care about cutting away a diaper either..i was not diapered when they cut my clothes off because before i got shot i didn't need them...

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    Quote Originally Posted by BenTennyson View Post
    They can't administer treatments that you refuse. So to spare them additional work and protect their property, it would be in their best interest to keep you in diapers (if you are IC, that is). No way I would let anybody shove anything up my weewee
    they will put you under and do the catheter..dont try to stand up when you wake back up...

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    Don't worry about your diapers and medical staff, I had to go for surgery a few months ago and they said to strip down to nothing and put on the supplied hospital gown. I told the first nurse I wore diapers for and OAB and she said to just leave them on and did not bat an eye. She put it on my chart And nothing else was said. They see diapers all the time for medical needs.

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