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    so first, i hope this isnt in the wrong topic place.

    there is going to be a walgreens up the street from my house, i heard that they sold good diapers and i was wondering if anyone could back that up. now if it does sell good diapers like attends and everything then i am so excited. anyway just wanted to know what they sold since i have never been there.

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    Never tried the ones at walgreens, but I have used the ones from rite aid, most of those are made by the same company and just packaged in different color packages.

    When they open go and take a look, find the size and style you want, and with your index finger poke a little hole in the packageing somewhere no one will notice, and that way you can tell if they are plastic covered.

    I do that when I'm looking for diapers, just don't make a mess of the package, so no one will buy them, if you would like take a little peice of tape and cover the hole if you don't take them.

    I always take them if they are plastic covered,,,,

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    The walgreens brand diapers are good... they are cloth covered... but if you can get over that it's overall a quality product... much better than Depends.

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    thanks and yeah i really want attends but the only place that i have seen them at would be the medical supply store and that is too far away.

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    wallgreens only has depends and their own brand. but the wallgreens brand is really quite good. it's the best i've ever had (then again, the only other one i've tried is depends).

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    Honestly the Attends aren't any better than the store brands anymore... they changed the design and it got really crappy...

    I miss the old 3-tape attends with the 3 yellow lines as wetness indicators...

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    yeah, i had a pack of attends and i used to leak all the time. they're not that good.

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    It sounds as though attends, are getting like depends, I do believe depends are made for someone who wets once and then runs and changes.

    I don't know about everbody here, but I like to sit and spend some time in a wet diaper, the best I have ever had were secure X plus, with a stuffer, that diaper lasted 9 hours, I'm very happy with them, they are on my shelf for those days, I want to spend the most of the day wet....

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    It's not that I enjoy sitting around wet all day... but I do like being able to go out the door in the morning and not have to worry about changing or leaking or being uncomfortable until I get home at night..

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