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Thread: Brand new diaper designs coming soon!!

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    Default Brand new diaper designs coming soon!!

    Just been looking on the internet at various diaper/nappy sites, and I see ABU are bringing out a new design due to be on sale around Labor Day for you lucky Americans, UK are also due to receive these, yes my fellow Brits ABU diaper's are coming here too late August time!! ( This was mentioned on their twitter feed)

    They are based around a space theme and look cool they are keeping the actual design a secret but this is the theme they are basing it aroundClick image for larger version. 

Name:	CKoPBqIVEAAxJde.jpg 
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    Plus Comficare are also bringing a new designed nappy due in September sometime and I see Rearz are also bringing out a safari print designed nappy too

    Exciting times are ahead my fellow nappy/diaper wearers!!

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    I hope ABU decides to make 'em thicker as well but either way space diapers sound awesome!

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    Space and safari themed diapers both sound awesome. Space safari diapers would sound even cooler though

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    Too bad it's ABU, I don't like their diapers. However a space theme does seem fun.

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    That's awesome. Can't wait to try those out. Never worn and Abdl diaper before but with space designs coming I might just have to indulge myself.

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    A space theme sounds awesome!!! I will one day have to give these a try that's for sure!

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    Comficare making yet another printed nappy??? They just did Crinklz, what is happening now :O??

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    who's bedroom is that? I spy Stitch themed stuff and I love him to death!

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