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    Ok so I kinda need help. I feel as if my boyfriends not being completely honest in our relationship. We're both Abdl and love seeing each other in diapers as far as I'm aware. I'm pregnant with his baby and he never seems to want to spend any quality time with me and it's been since we found out we were having a baby which was 3 and a bit months ago. His phones always hidden out of sight and away if I'm next to him and if someone texts him etc it's always hidden behind his leg or at the other side of me while he checks it. I know that he always kept in contact with someone he first spoke to when he found other Abdl people and he's sent her photographs of him in diapers etc and asked her to sort of mommy him from a distance and tell him what to do and she needed proof of what he was doing, and I feel like it's happening again. What do you guys reckon i could to do to actually make him want to spend time with me and less with other people and his phone, as a couple and sexually because this is driving me insane!

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    Thats just creepy of him .
    How old is he young I bet .
    I'm sorrie he is treatment of you is being a scumball.
    He is not being true to you or your feelings it's like your with his child you dont matter.
    It's almost like he is using you sadly.

    The hiding what he is doing is not what you do in a loving relationship where's the trust.
    Now with that being said you need to take care of yourself and your baby.
    Now prepare yourself for him looking for greener pastures if that happens.
    What is your heart telling you that's the best way to tell what's going on listen to your insides gut feeling.
    We can't change him but we can support you there a lot here that have a lot of wisdom and will be glad to help with any information or anything that can help you.
    Just now that you're going to have a beautiful child.
    let that fill your heart with love.

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    Even if he is not interacting with those people sexually, it sounds like he is cheating on you at least emotionally. He is spending is intimate attention on somebody else, and you get nothing. I can understand a bit of why he might be doing this, one because there are limits to sexually contact when a woman is pregnant, and two, because having a child is probably intimidating for him, as it would be right now for me, so he might be having second thoughts.

    I think you might have to confront him on this. It is a tough thing to say l, but you probably need to ask him if he is cheating on you. He will get all defensive, and then you will have to explain how you have felt disconnect and that he has been super secret about his texts. If it ends up being nothing, you can blame it on hormones from being pregnant. Hopefully he will get the idea that you want more attention, and that he needs to stop acting so secret, unfortunately I would suspect that there is more to it than pregnant women hormones though.

    This is just my advice though, I'm not even in a relationship, but I did get to work with a lot of drama in my family, so take what you want from what I have to say.

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