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Thread: Who would be interested in custom AB/DL/Babyfur Coloring books

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    Question Who would be interested in custom AB/DL/Babyfur Coloring books

    I have been thinking of drawing a bunch of pages to make a ab/dl/babyfur coloring book.

    I am thinking about basing the theme around preschool or a day out to the zoo, but I wanted to know who would be interested in this? Obviously it would contain mini games and such. I would probably mix humans and babyfurs together since children already like cartoony furry kids and such.

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    Um yeah, but I think you should make some or all of it available as a print off too, maybe even make some internet exclusive pages or stuff, it sound like it's something people actually need.

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    YEAHHHHH!!!!! Definitely sounds like a really cool idea to me but yes they need to be somewhere so you can print them off.

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    I decided to make one . Here is a link to the info:

    I am gonna make it printable , I don't know of any other way to do it because if I wanted to actually get it printed off and ship it to people that would require a publisher and stuff.

    I have been thinking about getting into the business of drawing children's coloring books though so I am gonna look more into that eventually. I wish there was just a website where I could upload pictures to it and they would simply print the coloring books on demand and ship them out to people.

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    Self-publishing is very viable option. You can find a printing house anywhere, but getting a bargain takes some testing.
    I always support and recommend people to self-publish!

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    That does sound neat.

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