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    Hey all, since I'm only a week away from moving in with my girlfriend, I was planning on finally ordering some good quality diapers. I was planning on getting a case of Dry 24/7's, but I'm a little confused on the sizing. I have a waist of 28 inches, hips probably no more than 30, 120 pounds, and I'm 5 foot 6 inches. So I wanna get a whole case, but I'm not sure if I should go for the small or the medium size. I kinda wanna get the mediums cause they hold a bit more, but I don't wanna get them and find out that they're a little too big on me. Any suggestions?

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    Dry 24/7s run on the big size in my experience. It sounds like smalls would be better, unless you like a very big diaper!

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    With those numbers, go with the smalls for this brand. The mediums are going to have the tapes touching going around you. The width of the medium back sheet is 29". If your hips were 32-33, I would say maybe. But 30" hips is too small to get the legs to fit tight in my opinion. The length of the medium is listed as 35". This goes to my belly button. It may touch your rib cage.

    At 205lbs, 6', 42" hips, and 34" waist, they fit about perfect on me. With my numbers, I bought a case of the larges and could not ever get a snug fit. Had to be careful to not overlap the top tapes and the diaper was always sliding down. I feel you would have the same issue with the mediums.

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    Agree with Jeremiah and babymt. I'm 5'5", 116lbs, 28" waist, 29" hips. Small diapers fit so much better. I wear Molicares and the mediums wrap 3/4 around me and they are known for running small. Basing on what Jeremiah said, the mediums won't seal around the legs.

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    I agree with the other poster, go with size small for dry 24/7, I'm 6ft 34" waist and I can fit there size small (although it's a little tight) you should have no problems though

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    I am between sizes medium and large with all diapers, by what the numbers say, I should jump to a large, but I fit perfectly in a medium. I've tried the large size before, and those are HUGE. Their large diapers are larger than XL Bambinos.

    With that said, Dry24/7 does run large, and you most likely should stick with the smalls. You should not do this with other brands as they are quite the opposite.

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    I think the previous posters covered the sizing issue well.

    However, I still would suggest that you either get a sample or a bag and not a case for your first time. Diapers do not fit everyone the same way and I would hate to learn next week that the size you got didn't fit correctly or (for some reason) you really did not like the Dry 24/7's.

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    Thanks again for all the input everyone. I'll definitely go for the smalls in this case.

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