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Thread: Ordered Adult Diapers

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    Red face Ordered Adult Diapers

    Well, in a way, all of you talking about adult diapers (taped) got me to order some samples from

    of course there are only 2 in each, but enough to test and see which one that I may like.

    • Medium TotalDry Plus Protection Fitted Brief
    • Medium Bambino TEDDY Adult Diapers
    • Medium Molicare Super Plus Brief
    • Small Abri-Flex Premium S3

    I ordered the Small Abri-Flex instead of the medium since it showed a difference in the waist, hopefully they will fit.

    There are some others that I would like to order, but holy crud they are expensive, in order of what I want to get them

    • DC Amor Anime Pinks (Because I LOVE anime, anything anime. Although I haven't watched much anime in the past 8-10 months)
    • ABU Cushies
    • ABU Super Dry Kids
    • Spoiled by Rearz
    • Snuggies

    Anyway, hopefully I will like all of them and actually be able to choose one that I want to wear often.

    These will, most likely, NOT replace my GoodNites. But I suppose we won't know until it happens at least.

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    Congratulations. Goodnites are unique in their own way, they are pull ups. These diapers on the other hand, are made with performance in mind.

    The Total Dry diaper isn't that great of a diaper. The Bambino you will find to be so soft. They are like a soft pillow between your legs. They are much thicker than Goodnites.

    I've seen that you've been using Goodnites Trufits. They work awesomely as a diaper booster. I've become accustomed to putting one or two in my diaper.

    It seems like you're on the small size side of the diaper industry. If you'd like a good premium diaper that fits you well, I'd suggest trying Dry24/7 in small size. They will be the best diaper that you can find in regards to your size.

    Have fun!

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    Thank you for the information.

    I did measure my waist and hip and I am roughly
    waist: 31"
    hip: 34.5"

    I don't have a proper tailors measure tape. so I used a shoe string and a yard stick for the measurements. So they might be off a little.

    Speaking of pull-ups, I had to go to the hardware store to get some silicon to fix a leaking drain pipe temporarily and wore my GoodNites pull-ups (not the Tru-Fit) when I went. It was fun and no one noticed it or at least didn't say anything.

    But I'm moving up on knocking out shyness I think

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    Hohoo! Congrats! Tell us how you liked them x)!

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    The package won't get here until Thursday, such a long wait... however, it's a joyous day, cause it also happens to by my Birthday too. So a Birthday wearing diapers

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    Quote Originally Posted by FluffyMastiff View Post
    The package won't get here until Thursday, such a long wait... however, it's a joyous day, cause it also happens to by my Birthday too. So a Birthday wearing diapers
    Nothing makes a special day even more special than wearing a diaper. Enjoy

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    The ones you have ordered as samples are very good in their own ways. You will just have to experiment and figure out which is best for your "wetting" needs. Your dream list however is quite exciting and I have the same list

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    Just got the shipment in and OMG! These things are huge... I knew they would be large, but man I didn't think of how big they need to be to fit adults

    I'm going to try a tape diaper tonight after sun down, since I'm currently wearing a GoodNite and it's wet so I'll enjoy that for a few more hours

    Bambino TEDDY diapers are quite cute looking, so I think I'll start with that.

    Anyone have a link on putting on a diaper correctly, by yourself?

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    Anyone have a link on putting on a diaper correctly, by yourself?
    There are numerous guides and threads here on how to diaper yourself. You'll get some conflicting advice since there's no one "correct way" and people tend to think their way is best because they've had practice and have problems trying a new method. So listen to the variety and try things and stick with what works best for you.

    I personally prefer the "lean againt a wall/door" method to diaper myself while standing. In the beginning it may be a little more challenging, but it has the advantage of being much more flexible and usable when you're away from home. (nobody likes to lay on a restroom floor even if it's a single occupancy) So I'd recommend trying that method first, and look at other ways if that one doesn't work out.

    The other main question seems to be "top or bottom tapes first?" My philosophy there is "the top tapes hold your diaper up on your hip (around your belt line) and the lower tapes pull in the wings and seal around the legs to prevent leaking." So for convenience, I put on both uppers first, so my diaper stays up on its own and I can step away from the wall and work easily with both hands to fasten each of the lower tapes. This lets me get the lowers positioned more carefully with just the right amount of give for both good comfort and leak protection.

    You probably won't get a really good fit until the 3rd or 4th try, so don't get too stressed over it if you screw up our first few diapers. And congrats on picking the teddy, they're one of my favorites!

    Tip on the bambino: diapers with front/rear elastic like your Bambino need to have the uppers on a little LOOSER than other diapers. Strech out the elastic a little bit and stick down then, don't draw the elastic tight. Otherwise the elastic pulls hard on the tapes for awhile and you pop/break a tape.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FluffyMastiff View Post
    Anyone have a link on putting on a diaper correctly, by yourself?
    Here's this:

    Wiki-how seems to have everything

    Hope you like them, and hope that helps some.

    (BTW I can recommend some great Anime if you're looking for one).

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