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Thread: Goodnites thief

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    Default Goodnites thief

    Story time! TL;DR in the bottom x)

    I had just started this whole diaper thing. I had ordered a couple of test nappies to figure out which fit me the best, bought my first stash based on those etc..

    So one day I took a closer look at my local grocery store diaper department and notice some Drynites! I had no idea they sold them in my country, and I was stoked about the idea of fitting into REAL child diapers! All my diapers were plain old boring incontinence products with boring designs.
    I was determined to buy a pack but still I went to the store 4 times thinking "now I will do it" but left out empty-handed. It felt so weird! I am normally SO BRAVE and I literally do not feel shame. I just don't haha! Shameless, brave little me was just coveting a pack of nappies circling them like a particularly shy vulture :P

    But one day I just did it. I bought them!
    They fit me and I could use them outside of my home to do everyday stuff while wearing 24/7. Handy! My other nappies were too crinkly and big for it
    So I went to buy another pack. And oh I was lucky! It was 30% off!! I could not believe it
    I took it, noticed that there was another one 30% off, too.. but didn't dare to take two out of shyness.
    Only at home I realised it was on sale because it had been opened! Someone had opened it and had took one nappy out of the package.
    I had wondered how a nappy can be for sale in a grocery store, they don't care about that thing taking a tiny amount of shelf-space, and diapers don't go rotten after a few years. There was another pack 30% off, too so the thief had struck at least twice :0

    I wonder if he was an incontinent youngster who was too embarrassed of his situation to buy diapers, fearing his peers might catch him? Or maybe an adult diaper lover in a similar situation??
    I'm still thinking about this mysterious thief, many months later since I live in a very small town, there must not be even 7000 people there, and amongst one of them is this person who steals goodnites.

    If I'd know who they are, I'd go and buy them for him I already got over the whole deal of "oh no how to buy diapers in a grocery store" haha! So why not use it like a superpower and help someone who can't do it? lol

    TL;DR: Some mystery person is stealing goodnite boys nappies straight from the packages one by one in a small town, and I feel sorry for them and would want to help them out somehow.

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    What I've gathered is that a lot of people have started their diaper-wearing careers by stealing :O
    From relatives kids, grandparents, nursing homes etc.. very rare they get stolen from stores, though!

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    I can't imagine a person who's incontinent to stealing one or two diapers at a time. even if it's just bedwetting, they'd have to steal one a day (unless it is occasional bedwetting and they managed to reuse them...). The risk of getting caught would just be too high and the fallout would be much worse than owning up to it.

    Maybe they know that if they steal one, the whole pack will be 30% off and they can then buy them cheaper. You just beat them to the punch.

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    ^^^ agree with arcituthis. Unlikely to be a truly incontinent person.

    On another note. I've seen this type of thing often at second hand stores and goodwill. Diaper packs will be torn open (even packs that have obviously been reclosed at some prior point due to the same thing or use by the previous owner.

    I sometimes wonder if it's people who are trying to gauge size and style of sometimes obscure product brands and/or models. Ie if you are buying diapers at w thrift store, it's kind of luck of the draw- whatever they have at the time. So maybe people want to have more information before they plunk down the money. Hence: open and check it out.

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    (That explains a diaper stuffed back in the bag -- not missing altogether however)

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    Baby and adult diapers are one of the highest stolen items in the USA. Stores take a big hit on them.

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    I am sure many (most?) tears are from people trying to steal or to check the contents but I suspect that many packages can be damaged when the shipping box is opened and the diaper packages are moved to the shelves.

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    It could be from a parent who needed something fast for their kid and just pulled one out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyger View Post
    It could be from a parent who needed something fast for their kid and just pulled one out.
    Thinking the same thing.
    Seen open packages all the time at walmart.

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