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    Not sure where to post this but I got into a long hour and a half conversation with a friend who is basically family, it's a long story. Anyways I wound up coming out to him as a little and I guess he said he'd sort of always been aware as I used to live with him his fiancee and his fiancee's son who is my best friend. During that period I had felt comfortable enough to explore ageplay and started finally wearing diapers and some little stuff around the house under clothes and as hidden as I could manage mind you. Guess I wasn't as hidden as a I thought. Anyways I full owned up to it and was trying to explain how being a little fits into my identity. I tried to explain how for some it is a kink thing but for me age-play, AB/DL is the kink side which I also enjoy, but my little is not a kink or a fetish it is a part of who I am it is a piece of my identity. For me it is something like gender or sexual orientation. I would put in that category of personal description, but when talking I found I didn't know where I'd put it. So I broke it down to Gender, sex, identity. The first two gender and sex can influence identity, but my little side is purely identity. I guess I'm writing this to share these thoughts with this community because maybe you guys can help me to figure some of this out as I am still unpacking if that even sounds right. Any insight or help would be lovely! Oh an I will gladly answer any questions or clarifying things as far as I understand them. I hope I have not offended anyone with this! If I have please explain to me how and I will bear it in mind in the future if I have I ask for your forgiveness.

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    Being an Adult Baby is part of my core identity as a person.
    For me it is just not sexual.
    Being little has kept me safe and sane in an utterly crazy world.
    Being autistic, pardon my use of few words...

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    For myself, there is 'being who I am' and 'what makes me turned on'.

    A/B for myself is like having a 'little' part of myself who needs expression.

    That part of myself has been there far longer than any type of adult sexuality. When I am 'little' it is pure age regression and I don't desire adult sexuality.

    Adult sexuality in that mindset would be 'abuse' as I am 'not adult' in a psychologic way at that point. I may be legally and physically adult, but when regressed I am 'not'.

    I understand this is not the case with many adult, consensual age players and this is fine assuming the later.

    Key words are 'adult' and 'consent'.

    Though my ABDL self predates my adult sexual needs, I am still an adult.

    Meaning my ABDL needs are emotional and asexual like an actual child.

    But my adult self needs different things than my regressed child self needs.

    Nothing wrong with having both, even if not together.

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    For me it is a part of my identity as well. Most people don't realize that because I never even tried regressing until I came to this site in 2013 when I was 36. My "binge/purge" cycle was not so much in full force as permanently locked in one position due to all the pain I was otherwise in. To make a analogy picture a lever on a machine with one setting on "binge" and one setting on "purge". Then to get a idea on what happened to me pull the lever to "purge" and break it off after welding it locked into that position. That's what was done to me in my past as a example. I was not so much refusing to understand myself as mentally unable to think about that in order to survive being chronically homeless. Only now more recently have I been given the chance to be myself.

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