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    After buying pacifiers and diapers, more diapers, a plushie, and even more diapers for the last two and half years now, in these last few months I've also increased my AB collection or stash by buying a rattle, a playmat, toy blocks and a soft toy, one that functions as rattle and teether as well.

    And today I picked even another package with a toy car. Which I was surprised to find that it's double the size that I thought it was, in the picture it looked like it fited in my hand but no I kind have to use both which is awesome of course cause it just makes me feel more little.

    So I looked around my house, I live in a T0 so it's just one division and the bathroom, and started to think how great it is to have these toys around and how awesome it is to have a physical space that I can make it look more infantile and babyish. Normally we just experience this sort of environment when we're children or when we have children or our own, but most of our lives we'll be spent as adults.

    Which got me thinking that perhaps it is a blessing that we are able to experience childhood, being little and innocent again in our lives.

    As an adult I tend to not like bright or vivid colors, I usually go with earthy tones or more faded colors in my clothes and the stuff around the house, but it's great and exciting to see more color in my life through my little side as well as more playfulness and inocence.

    Anyone else think that? How great it is to have a little side and play with toys? And still have what we loose as we become adults?

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    I feel the same ^_^ Other than, my tastes are pretty much the same in either space, adult or little. But I love the joy being little brings into my life. That innocent magic we are expected to loose. I hope mine stays for ever <3

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    I totally get what you're talking about. Tapping into that little side of yourself gives a sense that we're happy just for the sake of being happy, if that makes sense. I've been playing/cuddling with my favorite stuffed animal whenever I'm alone in my room lately and it's very comforting. It actually really helps me when I'm feeling lonely too.

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