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Thread: Does being an AB/DL make you more understanding?

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    Post Does being an AB/DL make you more understanding?


    I think that I am a very understanding person. Maybe because that is sort of who I naturally am and what my parents raised me to be, but I also think that being an AB/DL has also had an influence in this... maybe.

    My thinking goes like this: Maybe because I have this desire that is very different from what society would classify as normal (this in no way means it is wrong. Just different) I question myself "Am I ok? Like, am I a good person even with this "odd" desire?" and I arrive at the conclusion of "yes for the most part!". Then this thinking spills over into my perception of others. I can't be bothered by something as trivial as what a person likes to do as long as it isn't hurting themselves or others. If you are a nice person, then I think I will be nice to you! Easy as that. Luckily, this has panned out nicely for me because I have friends from all walks of life that are very kind and accepting.

    Has anyone else felt this sort of way or has thought about this at all (I know I do, but that may just be because I am studying psychology.)?

    What are your opinions? Also, you are looking very lovely today .

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    I believe being AB/DL makes me more understanding of others in an indirect way. A big reason why most people don't accept others is that they don't have experience around them or can't relate to them in any meaningful way. Being AB/DL, I have been able to see, understand, and empathize with others in ways I never would have otherwise living in a relatively bigoted household growing up.

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    I don't think it automatically makes you more empathetic, but certainly for those predisposed to being that way, I'm sure it makes a huge difference. Self acceptance, especially of something like AB/DL obviously takes a fair bit of self understanding and an awareness about being different....the deep struggle develops our empathy for others' struggles. I think also, in support of your idea, that those in touch with their inner child may be more sensitive individuals.

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    I do not think so. Not much more than other lifestyle choices and certain non-directly delibitating condictions like mine absorbed by ourselves and made normal.

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    Tough-ish question. I feel I can call a lot less alternit lifestyles weird...purely coz I'm heavily living one my self! Take: Naturism, Furrism and Transvest/genderism, at the end of the day i get it/understand where they're coming from with their tailored wants/needs. bms

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    I suspect it has in my case but it's also a matter of the choices I have made regarding it. I don't think there's anything intrinsic in it that requires a person to be more understanding but it's probably easier to see the sense of it.

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    I don't think ABDL specifically makes you more understanding, but I think that coping with feelings of guilt, rejection, and fear can make a person more understanding. If you know what it has was like to feel really terrible because of something important to you and can see that feeling in others, you're likely to be sympathetic to their position.

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    I guess the title and my rambling may have made my meaning misunderstood. That being an AB/DL has possibly helped or influenced you to be a more understanding person. I am also stoked that some of the replies are also how I feel/think about it.
    A keyword ArchieRoni said was "sympathetic". Sympathy/Empathy are the words I couldn't think of at the time, but that is totally it....probably. Haha.

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    There have been a lot of things in my life that make me more empathetic, wearing diapers has been one of them, but so has my college years, living in a same sex relationship. But I think the bigger reason for me is that when I was a very young child, my mom constantly preached to me, The Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have others do unto you. I was always reminded to care about others who may not have been as fortunate as myself. Because of this, when I started Kindergarten, I befriended a fellow classmate who had Muscular Dystrophy. We became very good friends and I would spend most of my recess time with him.

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    In my case, I would definitely say so. I think it makes you more understanding of others.

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