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Thread: I have Lymphoma

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    Default I have Lymphoma

    So a few days ago I got the shock of my life and was diagnosed with Lymphoma. It was a normal day my mom and I were supposed to go out to lunch and see a movie but I told her about this weird lump on my neck so we got it checked out right away. I still can't believe it I'm 20 years old and in great shape. I just had surgery today to remove part of the mass on my neck and in a few days I will know how serious it is. It's the scariest feeling not knowing yet and it was the absolute worst feeling when the doctor told me I had it. I just want somebody to put me in my diapers and my onesie and go back to a simpler time
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    Lymphoma, like all cancers, are treatable and in most cases, curable if caught early. I had bumps on my lymph nodes and had two biopsies and both turned out negative. Try to relax and don't worry about something that hasn't happened yet. Pad up and enjoy life! Happy thoughts/prayers/hugs to you!

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    I have a friend who got lumps cut out of her neck when she was 8-years old, they came from toxoplasmosis trough the family's outdoor cats. It turned out fine.

    Lymphoma is such a broad thing that it's very likely it doesn't mean anything, just lumps. It's easy to say, but live in the moment and don't stress the future, it's not here.

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    i went through this exact same thing at the beginning of this year. It wasn't particularly fun. I had a lump that appeared on my neck and wouldn't go down, and i was feeling otherwise well with no problems. I knew i had to get it checked out by the doctor and he got me a scan to see what it was. From the scan they thought it was lymphoma and recommended that i have a biopsy of the node to see what it actually it. Luckily it was just a weird bacterial infection so antibiotics cleared it up. But either way, it was a pretty stressful time to be honest, and i wasn't really up for doing too much but hide away.

    But that is the important thing not to do. As much as it's hard you need to keep on going with your normal activities. By doing that it won't make huge difference to your wellbeing. You won't feel like you are 'sick' even if you aren't able to fully do everything.

    I think the important thing to remember is that until you have a diagnosis from a biopsy (histological sample) then you can't be sure that it is a lymphoma. That being said, out of all the cancers to have lymphoma is probably the better of the ones to have. Treatment is chemotherapy (which can be very draining but has improved a lot in more recent times) but once that is finished it has a 90 - 99% cure rate at 5 years. This means that prognostically, it is a actually very good, even if the immediate future looks to be quite scary.

    Hope the best for you and wait to see what the results from the histological sample come back as.

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    I had a CT scan and the material is in my chest as well. They are sure it's Lymphoma, this surgery I had will tell them the type it is.

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    Again, i had the same thing. I had a CT of my neck with a lump and got urgently seen by a surgeon for a biopsy of the lymph node to determine what it is. Until the sample is taken then it isn't completely certain that it is lymphoma. Im not saying that its not lymphoma. But just keep in mind that its better to wait for the definitive results to come in. And like i mention before, this is something that is highly curable. Cure rates of 90 - 99% for lymphoma with just one lot of treatment. And many people are able to continue working and dong what they usually do (with the occasional day of for fatigue and rest).

    Its a nerve racking process. And i know exactly what you are going through. It isn't fun being in limbo and having to wait for results. But be patient until you get those definitive results. Then you will know what exactly you are dealing with.

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    I'll be thinking about you,Clarity. It looks like the odds are well in your favor, so that's good. Our daughter had a lump in her neck and yes, it was in the lymph nodes. They tested her for a lot of things including Lyme disease. lymphoma, and eventually they think it's mono. Anyway, hang in there. In 1986 I had a benign tumor removed from the inside of my spine as the tumor had grown on my spinal nerves. It was causing me to become paralyzed from the waist down. My surgery, at least at the time, had a 50/50 success rate and I recovered quite well. You will to. Hugs.

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    Thanks to everyone. So it turns out that it isn't Lymphoma but it is a type of nasal cancer. They said it is very rare in the United States and is more common in Asia and Africa.

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    Yes it appears to be. Through chemo and radiation.

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