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    Ugh...I'm feeling kinda sick. I hate stomach aches. I'm all powdered up and padded, now I'm just gonna sit here watching TV eating chicken soup and snuggling with my bear!

    What do you do when you're sick and are able to diaper up?
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    I get all comfy with a nice Always pullup and Poise pad, settle in under my duvet, turn on a good long movie, and grab whatever book I am reading at the time

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    I don't generally desire diapers when I'm sick. Usually, the urge goes as I focus on feeling better. I had a summer cold a few weeks in to this 24/7 run. Although my desire to wear was way down, it was mild enough that I soldiered on through. It was my least enjoyable time of the 24/7 run so far.

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    they allow you to stay hydrated and resting in bed for longer periods of time, no getting up and disrupting your sleep seriously every 45 minutes

    and if it's a digestive bug, not having to worry if you can "trust that fart" is a nice plus too.

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    Generally, when I am sick, I don't wear. Basically, I just don't feel like doing ANYTHING - including putting on a diaper.

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    I only put on a diaper once when I was sick and I used it about 10 seconds after putting it on. Usually when I'm sick I'll just lay in bed cuddling with my plushies but I have often thought about diapering up while I've been sick a few times. Thankfully I don't usually get sick.

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    Yeah, I'm like everyone else. If I'm sick, I don't feel like diapers. I usually just sleep it out and when I'm awake I'll have some chicken soup. It's funny how alike we all are.

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