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Thread: Abena Delta form vs Abri form

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    Default Abena Delta form vs Abri form

    how does abena delta form M3 compare to an abri form M4 in terms of absorbtion, thickness, fit, and leak protection?

    i couldn't find that much reviews for the delta forms, but i remember when i was reading some other abdl forums, someone said that delta form is a poorly made budget version of the abri form, and that it has no leak guards. but then another review said that delta form is a great diaper and that it has great leak guards.

    should i risk my money and buy a bag or two? or should i get something else? unfortunatelly, i can't get any samples, but i believe it can't be bad since it's made by abena.

    i might also mention that it's pretty much impossible to buy a plastic backed abri form here where i live. that's why i'm considering plastic backed delta form

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    The Delta form does have standing leak guards and I'm pretty sure Delta-form is cloth backed but non-breathable as well. XP Medical has a review page with some more info that might help you out. They have a bunch info on the dimensions, absorbency, test results and other stuff on a bunch of different diapers.
    Here's the link:

    I don't know what kinds of diapers you have access to over in London though, but I hope this helps.

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    I've gone through a couple of cases of these diapers in my day and have mixed feelings about them. Gary's assessment of them is more positive than mine. The first batch I got had absorptive properties similar to the Tena Super--i.e., they held about 32 ounces or so. But the second case seemed to be missing some SAP or something and held far less.

    I've had a rocky relationship with Abena diapers. I've had an unusual number of pinholes and just general leakiness with them that I haven't had with other brands, so I tend to stay away from them.


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