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Thread: What's That Smell?

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    Default What's That Smell?

    It happens that we live in a rural area. Like yesterday when I drove in, 4 deer were trotting along the road ahead of me.
    Well, this morning the alarm went off and it's Monday. Got to get up and go to work. I rolled over and woah! what a stench. My diaper wreaks! I got up and went to the dresser by the open window and realized it wasn't me. Apparently Peppi Le Pew had chosen our yard to pass through. For those who have not had the displeasure, be assured that the cartoon depiction of the flowers wilting and animals collapsing seems pretty accurate when he comes by. I shut the window and sprayed some deoderizer. Good for more than just diaper smells.

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    Are you sure it wasn't the state of your diaper? Because that's nothing to be ashamed of, considering. :P

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    My dog got sprayed by a skunk a few months ago. Not fun. That smell is bad enough to make your eyes water.

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    I had to laugh over the fact that you thought it was you! Hopefully your diaper doesn't get that bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    I had to laugh over the fact that you thought it was you! Hopefully your diaper doesn't get that bad.

    If you had to think about whether it was you or a skunk, it was well past time for a change.

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    Skunks do make a big stink, when they spray.

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    ah the lovely skunk.

    We get them often around here... well my brothers dog gets them, and gets sprayed, but the numbers have been less. So I don't mind the smell after the first week. It seems that my brothers dog gets sprayed once a month or every other month

    however I do agree the smell is horrible, especially when it's fresh.

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