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    So if yall didn't know I'm poi addict. I picked up spinning during high school and I have had a blast ever since. As a result I have gobs of extra poi parts laying around. My biggest problem with my paci is when I loose it in the morning. Not only is it a pain to search for but since I live in the dorm also nerve wracking if I can't find it and have company later. The second problem is the only necklace/lanyard I have to use is very uncomfortable and really ragged. But last night I had a genius idea. The cord I use for my led poi is supper soft and stretchy. So I grabbed what u hade left from the last set I made and created the perfect fire performer paci. It's awesome to sleep with and you don't even feel the cord. If anyone want some let me know and I will link the website. Click image for larger version. 

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    Good old flowchord! I have that for my pod poi and crystal poi. Good idea. I have some of that stuff lying around. I am in a fire troup and do kits of performsnces. Lately though I've been mostly using chains for spinning both LED and Fire.

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    That's cool. How long have you been spinning for. And flow cord rocks I just used the last of it to restring my pod poi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nightfox320 View Post
    That's cool. How long have you been spinning for. And flow cord rocks I just used the last of it to restring my pod poi.
    I have been spinning for about 4 years now. I love it so much and the people I met doing it too!

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