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Thread: Wearing Diapers in the car

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    Post Wearing Diapers in the car

    So I'm going to Maine in a few weeks and it's a long ride. I don't have any plans on wetting but if I had to I could, then again I'd be to scared they'd smell it. I kinda want to wear a diaper on the way up and at night. I'm nervous because I'll be with my family and they don't know I like diapers. I also want to wear in public sometimes. ^^

    Did you have a similar experience and if so how did you go about either doing or not doing it.
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    You could possibly tell them that you've in the past had uncomfortable times holding when rest stops are further apart then expected and you wore one just in case.

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    Also, since rest stops may be far apart, you may be sitting in a wet diaper for awhile. And changing at a rest stop can be less than private sometimes. The smell probably won't be an issue.

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    Changing at a rest stop on the interstate should not be a problem. There are usually multiple toilets and at least one handicap-accessible one that you can use for changing. Just bring a bag in the rest stop with you with a clean diaper, powder, wipes and other supplies when you go to change. Make sure you have enough disposable diapers to last your trip. As others have said, I don't think smell will be an issue.
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    ^I' just saying privacy may be an issue as there is a gap at the bottom of the stall and if her mom or sister is in the next one something might be seen or heard - "crinkle, crinkle*

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    Yea, and not to mention having to carry the diaper to the trash from the stale. Lol!

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    If you don't plan on wetting, something like a GoodNite would be alright. Wear a long t-shirt or keep your shirt tucked in to keep everything covered.

    If you do have any intention of wetting, make sure you're wearing something you can trust for how much you plan to let out. You don't want to have to explain a wet patch on your pants to family members. But also remember, the thicker the diaper, the more noticeable it's going to be. Plastic-backed ones might emit a crinkle others can hear.

    Also have a plan for disposal. If you're going to be sharing a hotel room with family, for instance, you probably won't want to leave used diapers in the little trash cans in the room, even if they are bagged. If you carry a backpack, you can take them with you until you can toss them discretely.

    Finally, a few more words of caution. Take care if you'll be travelling with other males and may be entering public restrooms at the same time. You'll probably want to use a stall over a urinal without a divider as a precaution. (I'm a girl, so I don't really know that much in that department though ) Diaper crinkle might be audible while removing it in a restroom stall, so keep that in mind too - and those silly gaps often present between stall doors. Family probably won't be staring at you through them, but again, something to keep in mind. Maybe take a stall farther away so they won't have to walk past you on the way out, if you're concerned.

    I hope this didn't scare you out of your plans!

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    ^^ no, thanks for the reinforcement! I'm just worried about trying something new.

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    I was in the same exact position this past week. I was going to North Carolina with my friends family and since I have to pee more than most guys my age I figured a diaper would be helpful. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, when it came time to use it I just couldn't. No matter how hard I tried my bladder just wouldn't allow it and I had to go BAD. So I just had to suffer for another 2 1/2 hours. sigh.
    Anyways, I wouldn't worry about the smell, in my experience it's almost never noticeable. If you've mastered wetting while sitting, I say go for it.

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    Just make sure you get a premium proper fitting diaper and you should be ok, remember leaks while sitting can happen if you flood to quickly or the diaper is not snug and proper size.

    I have wetted about 10 times or more in the car over the last 8 months fortunately my diaper did not leak,,I have been looking for a water proof car seat cover that's black to batch my seat cover. i would recommend you also cat a seat protector as a just incase.

    I haven't found one yet, I guess I could use a small bed pad but a white pad would be way to noticeable in the car

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