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Thread: How can change?

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    Default How can change?

    Hello all,

    I'm a little toddler, sorry for i not write this thing in Intro area. I'm not happy, fewer times playing toys, and ever fewer times feel myself a Little. Makes me sad.
    How can change?

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    Make some time for yourself. Private time for you. Not sure if you live with parents and that makes it harder.

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    I agree with the post above mine, you really should make some time for just you and your wants and needs. I have a hard time with it because of roommates myself but it is doable with a little thought. There's also the possibility you might be seeking new activities to do maybe some new toys or a good movie.

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    It would be good for you to go to the park (on nice weather days) and just sit under a tree, on a park bench, and watch & observe families having fun together-especially their children playing and having fun with other children. They generally bring their favorite toys with them to the park. Just look at the happy looks on their faces as they're running around, swinging on the swings, and having a good time. The fun that the smaller children are having at the park-you seeing this- will put you in a good "little toddler" mood.

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