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Thread: Greetings From N. California

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    Default Greetings From N. California

    Hi there. My name's Alex. I'm 24 and live in Northern California - and by that I mean, north of Sacramento.

    As for ABDL, I'm more of the daddy-type. I, apparently like thousands of other men, am looking for a baby girl of my own (females only, sorry guys). I've been exploring these sites for a little over eleven years now, so I've been around awhile.


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    Welcome and just a comment:

    1) I hope this is not the only posting you will leave with us. We are not here just to be a "dating" site, but one where we can all contribute to significant discussions.

    2) I'm concerned by your "nick" which leaves the impression that is all you want in life is to get your hands on a girl whom you can baby for you're own interests.

    I wish you luck in finding what you are looking for, but don't leave it as if your only interest is finding that special someone, but an opportunity of sharing.

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    I agree. Although there is a POSSIBILITY that you will find someone, it's really unlikely. If you're looking to hook up with someone, and that's it, then please go somewhere else.

    But, if these aren't your only intentions, then welcome!

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