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    Hi everyone, I don't contribute much on here so I thought I'd try to start a thread for those who like to see vintage disposable diapers in movies. If there is already a thread on this could someone please post a link.

    My contribution at the moment is 'Raising Arizona (1987)' which seems to be one giant huggies advert, but you do get to see some classic pampers boxes in a supermarket too.

    Is it ok to post IMDB links here?

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    Three Men and a Baby, of course! Love the diaper scenes in that movie!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingwill View Post
    Is it ok to post IMDB links here?
    There's TV and movie clips posted here all the time! Just remember the PG-rule. I don't recall Raising Arizona or 3 Men and a Baby having any scenes that would violate that rule. Link away!

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