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    Default Nerve test.

    Well I'm getting a nerve test done and more MRIs. Anyone ever have a nerve test done? I wonder how it can show incontinence problems. They are trying to rule out MS. I've been stubbing my feet into he ground as I walk and occasionally having my leg drop out from under me. I have a few seconds where I can hold urine in until I lose control and wet my self. I'm on enablex and that makes the Tim in between wetting a longer but the amount/volume of urine seems to be more than without it.

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    I have had several Nerve tests in my time. They pulse mild electric shocks (It does not hurt) from various locations and measure how long they take to travel along the nerves. They may also do an eye sight test which involves looking at a flashing image. I have also had heat (Hot/Cold) perception tests done. None of them are anything to worry about. I had similar symptoms to you and it turned out i have MS (Non Progressive) it comes and goes but i am lucky that it does not give me major problems.

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    hi have you had a lumber puncture / spinal tap that can rule if you have ms , if you get the tests and they come back fine you might have what I have got hsp heditary spastic paraplegia.
    it a very rare disease where the nerves are longer and become damaged ,can happen at birth or middle aged, it can cause urine incontinence and walking difficulties and clumsiness.
    might be worth asking your doctor if it could be sadly there is no cure at present just medication which can help

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    Well people we seem to have all been placed on the great " Medical Mystery tour"some are farther along than others. I am almost at the end of mine. If you are uninitiated great amounts of information on HSP can be found at "NORD" National Organization of rare Disease and Disoorders I myself have two rare genetic mutations one that effects about 150,000 people the other I am the 203 person in the world to have the other and the First American in known history to have. Get yourselves affiliated with a real good neurologists that is a must have. And for the sake of your own mental health adopt the personal motto "Quality above Quantity" make every day count. HSP should not affect your normal life span.sadly for me every Doctor visit I am told " There is no treatment.There is no cure.You will die from this" I have much experience on the " Tour" if I can help any of you please do not hesitate to ask. This is very rare for me to tell about this whit load of burden I have carried for the last ten years. But for you gentleman any knowledge I have will be shared on tests signs
    symptoms. I was a Paramedic/ Firefighter and Nurse before my "Tour card" was punched but once it was I was immediately medically retired and given compassionate Social Security disability. Post me or Pm me with anything I may be able to help you with.

    Peace 73's

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    hi tetra many thanks for the the information on nord being in the uk there is not a lot of information on hsp even my own doctor had to look up on the computer again much appreciated thanks

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    I did have a spinal tap done more than 10 years ago. It was to look at cysts on my spinal cord. They wanted to see if they were filled with blood or spinal fluid and injected inc in there. I never want to do that test again. I had a young DR (must have been fresh out of school) an he hit my spinal cord. It felt like I was being electrocuted. My whole left side spazed out and I could stop it. an older Dr came in and did everything with no problems.

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    No problem Dad. Here to help for anytbhing I can.

    And Merp I have had my lumbar puncture go awry the same way.unfortunately its part of the"Tour".

    I also aside from the genetic whit have my c5-c6 bulging on my central cord. One bad fall or whiplash and I go from high function tetrapilegia to no function below my neck.

    Although I vasalate in my relationship with " God "I must be doing something here other than sucking up oxygen.

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