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Thread: Thickest diaper?

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    Default Thickest diaper?

    I've been enjoying a good night sleep lately with my Dry 24/7 diapers, but my question is, are they the thickest? I'm thinking cloth diaper could be thicker if you add booster, but I was wondering if their was a thicker disposable?

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    Imo dry 24/7 is the thickest out there (usa) there are boosters that are made that are tear drop design and run the whole length of the diaper, even have a sticky strip to hold it in place; that would make all diapers the thickest... Check out xp medical, remember if you go the booster route make sure that what ever diapers you use have decent standing leak guards.

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    the confidry are pretty thick, but they are a medium-sap diaper, and so they don't swell as much as a high-sap diaper does. They start out thicker than some, but may end up not as thick as some when fully wet. But the thing is, they still wick really well. Adding more sap may raise their capacity, but slows wicking, and that will tend to lead to a leak unless you can keep your wetting slow. So I'd call the confidry one of the highest "safe capacity" diapers available. They're my first pick on those evenings when I've drank a lot and expect a lot of wetting overnight.

    The waddler overnight and the bambino bellisimo may be able to get larger when fully saturated, but getting there without a leak takes some care. (I have yet to fully use a waddler overnight, they have a deceptively amazing capacity)

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    I believe the Fabine diapers are the thickest, but they are expensive and rare to get in the US. Dry 24/7 is the top standard diaper.

    Have you considered a disposable insert inside the diaper? You could buy these with the diapers at XPmedical. NorthShoreCare also sells boosters. Two XL boosters in any diaper will give you some serious thickness.

    For really thick diapers, I like to put a cloth diaper over a disposable. Heavy weight cloth diapers really add bulk and will stay clean if used outside of a good disposable. The fitted Velcro style ones are my favorite. Booster pads or another diaper could be added for more bulk.

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    Default Thickest diaper?

    The NorthShore Supremes, while not the thickest diaper ever , felt unnaturally thick to me (in a good way!) due to the stiffness of the padding.

    They're also very high SAP and thus swell quite a bit.

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    Comficare are in my opinion the thickest haven't tried any bambino products ad I'm in the UK

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    I hace to second on the North Shore Supremes, at first I did not like them but I accidentally ordered the large when I wear a medium and the effect is wonderful. Unlike many other's larges there is that much more padding, pulp, fluff and SAP not just thin plastic backing. I cut 2 inches off the top of the front and front sides before putting them on. There huge and fit like baby diapers fit on babys, thick all around and high on the waist. Of course they hold gallons of pee, (it seems like that anyway), and their very reasonably priced. They may not be the thickness record holder but are a contender without the priceyness of the others.

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    To me the Northshore Supreme are thicker than Dry 24/7. But I may be biased because they are my favorite diaper of them all. They fit better than any Bambino diaper for me, too.

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    To me the thickest diaper I ever had on was a dry 24/7 and like Jeremiah said putting a cloth diaper over a disposable will make it really thick. I just did that recently and I found it rather enjoyable.

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    For me the thickest is Comficare L10. Dry 24/7 is really close to thickness. But to make a thickest diaper ever. Get a Dry 24/7 and a 2XL booster from Northshorecare. Put those together and you would have the thickest diaper ever.

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