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Thread: Well... That's was either close or I'm screwed

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    Default Well... That's was either close or I'm screwed

    Ok, I was playing a game with my friend who doesn't know about my dl df bf side.

    An update happened and he was trying to show me a new feature where you can pick up new things.

    A little note: In some games (usually source engine games) you can have a "spray" where you can place down pictures on any wall or floor or some thing, my spray was this adorably awesome picture:

    Anyways, the pick up button was the same as the spray button! I sprayed it on the floor and he asked "why is that your spray?" and my heart skipped a drum solo.
    Luckily we were in a crowded area of the map (spawn point) and I said "What?! that's some other guys spray, he came over or something because that is NOT mine." Or something along those lines. He said "Oh, ok." And we went off and battled the other team.

    Now I'm pretty sure I dodged a bullet but I'm not 100% sure. Everything seems normal now so I guess I'm right, but it was still scary.

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