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Thread: The new ABU (my experience)

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    Red face The new ABU (my experience)

    For anyone who is curious about or leery of the new ownership of ABU, I thought I'd share my recent experience with them. (If you don't want to read this whole thing, in short, it was awesome, lol.)

    I initially ordered a sample pack and it was shipped the next day. I received an order confirmation email, an order in process email and finally an order shipped email and I received the shipment in three business days (I live in Ohio). I didn't get a $5 discount code in the shipment like I was supposed to, so I emailed them and received a reply in a few hours. They emailed me a replacement code for the one I didn't get, which I used to place an order of 10 of the cloth-backed Cushies. That shipment was also sent the next day, with the same three email confirmations. I got the shipment today (a day earlier than originally anticipated). And they send stickers and lollies with each order! The customer service rep who emailed me was very friendly and helpful. All in all, I'm very impressed with the new service and for anyone who is on the fence about trusting the new ownership, from what I experienced, these new guys are great!

    That is all.

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    Great to see positive experiences! This is consistent with what I've been hearing since they reopened and it's not a surprise based on what I knew about Casey already.

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