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    Default Going cloth

    So today I ordered this cloth diaper:

    in dark-blue and this one:

    in red with these:

    as inserts. Pretty cute huh? I'm surprised how cheap it all is. I can't wait for them to arrive. Been using just disposables until now. Any tips for cloth diapering? (Washing, drying, etc.)

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    These new generation cloth do not wear or feel like real cloth like when you were a toddler.theft are good to "get your feet wet" in cloth but you really need to get a good old school cloth diaper and rubber pants to really appreciate the wear and feel.

    As per washing there are lots of threads to read thrum.The big absolute no-no is using fabric softeners or scented or colored soap. Your urine and there fragrance may make a real stink together an unforgettable nastiness so don't use scented detergent.

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    The AIOs are nice. But yeah, as Tetra said you don't wanna use softeners on it or anything scented. Much less messy if you avoid that.

    In terms of drying, I suggest you line dry in the sunshine if you have that option available to you. If not, I usually go low heat. Make sure its dry dry too, you don't want it to mildew and stink.

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    Just to let you know, those inserts don't absorb much at all. Hopefully they can be sided with some prefold diapers.
    I personally have those inserts, they are comfortable but not thick at all and they may absorb maybe a cup of liquid or two. Don't expect much out of those.

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