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Thread: does anyone remember?

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    Wink does anyone remember?

    a few weeks back I found a link to a video of someone showing how to glue a pampers nappy onto an adult one. It was quite a detailed video showing where to cut things/put glue and what glue to use etc.

    Now I can figure out how to do this no problem but I've recently been asked about how to do this by a couple and I'm struggling to find the video, I could probably give them some instructions and draw a few images to help but that video would be more what they need. I have no idea what it was called only that it was on youtube somewhere, however I am fairly certain I got the link from here on Adisc (I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure). Does anyone remember that video being linked here? or do you know the vid I mean and have a link?


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    I don't recall the link. But I know someone that did this on another site I'm a member of. I'll send them a message & ask if they have / know of a video with the steps.

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